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DIY boho pumpkin decor tutorials

boho style is still going strong in decor trends,
so i thought i'd share three currently popular boho tutorials here on the blog:

Faux Terra Cotta Painted Pumpkins
Lace Pumpkins   Lace/Doily - Embellished Pumpkins

continue reading for links to these budget-friendly tutorials - and more!

much like my process for creating
faux concrete painted pumpkins ,
this realistic effect is achieved with a pretty simple technique,
using craft or house paint - NOT CHALK PAINT!

 (and the same paint treatment can be used on anything:
wig heads, planters, plastic pumpkin buckets...)

a truly simple way to add bohemian style to your fall decor...
my faux painted terra cotta pumpkins are embellished with macrame-like details
using lacy doilies and tablecloth remnants.

bonus: they aren't glued on, so you can easily remove them for a different look!

these boho beauties are made just like my famous Original Sweet Sweater Pumpkins - 
using lace curtain panels and tablecloths instead of sweaters.
(the one on the right was made with a thrifted old crochet shawl over satin fabric)

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don't miss more of my fall decor tutorials on my fall tutorials page

i'm currently working on some NEW original pumpkin decor ideas,
and they'll hit the blog soon! stay tuned....

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