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Tablescape Contest Winner!

Last July, I created a tablescape in the dining room of my brother and sister in law's home,
as part of a whirlwind three-day Weekend Makeover of their house. 

And when fashionista tableware designer Rosanna Bowles of Rosanna Inc.
announced her 7th Annual Tablescape Contest,
I sent in photos of what I had created - along with the fun story of my makeover ambush!

I found out on Thursday morning that my design was a finalist.
And Friday night, when I clicked into facebook, I saw the update: 
My design tied for third place!
Along with our entries, we had to share a story about the tablescape...so I did.
And Rosanna is sharing it on her Table Talk blog.

[I didn't realize that the WHOLE story I sent in would be published,
as it's a bit more personally revealing than I have been publicly. But that's ok.
Perhaps it will serve as an encouragement to someone who reads it...]

I am so honored to have been chosen by Rosanna and her employees...
[I also really miss being able to shop her fabulous warehouse sales in Seattle!]

Here are a few more photos of my tablescape

 In this post, I showed you how 'the Judy's' used a plain pine board as a centerpiece base - 
I did the same thing on this table, using a white wood shelf that was sitting in the garage.
Clear glass vases filled with sand, shells, and a candle now stand out from the dark table.

 [I'll have new ones soon!]

Order Sweet Sweater Pumpkins HERE - now in FIVE colors, including PINK!

 for more decorating ideas for every season,
  visit the HOMEWARDfound blog 
and these social networking sites:


Pumpkin Couture!

 everyone is thinking about Halloween costumes,  
so let's have a little fashion show!
Sweet Sweater Pumpkins on the runway, if you will, 
to show you some ways that you can embellish my pumpkins with some couture costumes...

above, a nubbly sweater pumpkin is embellished with
a mask made from vintage sheet music and a black paper witch hat.
 this tiny little pumpkin is topped with a royal vintage crown that holds a birthday candle! 
the white milk glass shoe was Cinderella's, naturally...
this one is a Princess Pumpkin,  using a rhinestone hoop earring as a crown.
the lace collar on this mini pumpkin is a tiny little doily with a hole in the center.  
i slipped the doily over the stem before wrapping it with the twine.
 the pretty lace collar on this pumpkin is actually a necklace!
i made it from vintage trims, a rhinestone pin, and an old crystal from a chandelier
 and finally, you can really glam it up with a fascinator!

how have you embellished your pumpkins this year?

and you can always purchase my Sweater Pumpkin Tutorial HERE
to make your OWN versions of my pumpkins!

shared online:

Fabulously Creative Friday | Jennifer Rizzo's blog


make a crystal ball from a glass lamp globe!

i'd like to share another of the original projects i created a few years ago: 
A Crystal Ball Lamp

it's made with a clear glass lamp globe (yep, i find lots of things to do with those!)
a 'hurricane' electric lamp with a clear glass base, and some black beaded trim.

i printed the Glam Witch image (without the hat) onto clear acetate, 
then cut out the silhouette to adhere to the lamp itself
 so that it would appear to float inside the globe.
[the globe sits on the part of the lamp where the glass hurricane shade used to sit]
a pleated vintage ribbon and bit of black beaded trim add a nice finishing touch.

i also made some crystal balls that weren't on lamps - 
simply mounting them to a base of crystal, black or white ceramic urn gives them presence
[the image appears to 'float', but is attached to a small  lid sitting low inside the urn]
Crystal ball lamp on left . crystal ball in rear right

like those swanky pumpkins?
i made them from fabric, using the same method i use for my sweet sweater pumpkins
my tutorial is available here


a friend who saw the graphic in my last post ('Witches are just Princesses with PMS')
said that at some point in life, that excuse would run out.... so I added more to it! ENJOY!