welcome fall!

FALL is just around the corner!

it's already august, and while we are all enjoying lazy summer days poolside, 
 the stores are putting up Halloween displays and Pinterest is rampant with inspiration for fall decorating! 
(check out my 'september decor: fall harvest' Pinterest board here)

so get ready for a lineup of inspiring FALL content
that will help you create some AMAZING fall decor...
no matter what your style is, you'll find ideas to make your OWN!

for even more inspiration, I'll be linking to other sites  
and having some friends drop by with some tips of their own to share with you.  
it's so much more fun that way!

Updated in 2013:
Thank you to everyone who is visiting from Pinterest!
Order Sweet Sweater Pumpkins HERE - now in FIVE colors, including PINK!

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  1. Love your sweater pumpkins! gotta learn how to do that :)
    Follower now thanks to Anne of fiona and twig

    Susan :)

  2. Love all the detail in your sweater pumpkins. I came over from The Cozy Little House.

  3. Thank you for visiting me, ladies!