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taking a page out of Deb's book...

this last post for a series of photos shows a few more ideas for simple seasonal changes...

the table up above is a round wood pedestal table, painted green.
It was just an 'ok' table until I added some detail to it:

a selection of pages from old dictionaries, ruined books, sheet music,
and miscellaneous items like vintage bingo cards and postcards
are laid out artistically on the table top and reflect the brown tones in the fall decor.
then the glass top from a round patio table is laid over it all to protect it all.

what else can you do with old book pages?

*paper a wall or a wainscot below a chair rail
*use as matting for photos in frames
*paper a CEILING (pretty advanced stuff)
*decoupage onto furniture
*cover lampshades
...and i know you must have some of your own ideas, so
share a link to your projects in the comments!

[i love buying old or damaged books for pennies at libraries as they are sold with missing or torn covers, ripped pages, etc.
i never feel guilty about using the pages in crafting & decor projects, because it is giving the books a second life]
i found this old door at a salvage yard for TEN BUCKS!
[ReStore is the architectural salvage end of Habitat for Humanity.
they re-sell used building supplies - often antique & vintage items -
to raise funds for their building projects. it's a GREAT cause to support!]

i was lucky - there were four old coat hooks already on the top of this door.
[but you could add some old hooks to any door for the same effect]
i simply leaned this perfectly peely door against my wall,
and then used it as a 3-D 'inspiration board' and organizer next to the front door.

it holds baskets and assorted items that change with each season:
you can see some leather purses and bags,
along with natural materials like bleached leaves & grasses,
that coordinate with the fall palette in the rest of the room.

it's an easy change with every season, using items i have on hand...


  1. I love all your ideas, especially using book pages on a lampshade. Hmmm, I think I see a project in my future.

  2. You have great ideas. I wondered if you ever read your comments last Friday, as I featured your new blog on my weekly Welcome Wagon and told you there? Just wanted to know you were included, and now are on my list at the top of my blog. Back to the papers, which is a priceless idea, I have decoupaged a coffee table with them.

  3. that door and all the baskets are great. now I know for sure I need to visit our local re-store!

  4. Brenda, I did see that you had sent some readers my way, I just hadn't had a moment to visit you myself. (I've been away on a biz trip with limited internet :0/) Thank you SO much for sharing my blog with your readers! I just left you a comment....