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Tutorial: Vintage Sheet Music Fall Leaves!

my last post had a photo of my Sweet Sweater Pumpkins  to announce my giveaway
but there was more to the photograph than i used - as you can see above.
i wanted to show the details of the pumpkins and the little crown pin that i found at the flea market
[which fits oh-so-perfectly on the pumpkin]

today, I'm going to focus on another part... the leaves
i just had to do something CRAFTY to the setting when I was working on it.
going out and getting real leaves off the tree wasn't working for me
[mostly because the leaves here in SoCal are still green....]
so i decided to make some leaves.

this was a fast project, and is one of my
'Fast, Cheap, & Easy' TM tips that know you love,
so I thought I'd share the how-to with you today!

vintage paper (sheet music, dictionary pages, book pages, sewing patterns)
sharp scissors
a real or fabric leaf (any size or variety) to trace
pencil or pen
thin ruler - metal is best, if possible
a real branch (any kind, any size) with lots of small branches attached
tacky glue or hot glue
a container to hold the real branch
some kind of filler for the container to stabilize the branch
(popcorn kernels, rocks, sand, candy corn, etc.)
1. lay vintage paper flat, and use pen/pencil to trace around the real/fabric leaf.
fit as many on each page as you can, 
and try to place the real leaf in different directions as you go - 
this will keep all of your leaves from having the writing on the paper
going in the same direction.

2. carefully cut out each leaf using scissors.

3. fold each leaf over thin ruler edge, 
creating a sharp crease down the center of every leaf.

4. using the pencil/pen, curl the leaf edges either up or down.
(don't curl them both ways on the same leaf)
this makes the leaves look a little more natural. 

oh, and if a leaf tears while you are doing this?
no worries. real leaves tear and it will just look more realistic ;0)  

5. fill container with filler, then place branch into position.
6. using hot glue or tacky glue, 
place a drop of glue on either side of the center of each leaf - 
but JUST at the BASE of the leaf. 
the glue dots should be the size of the eraser of your pencil.

7. quickly take the leaf and bend it around one of the smaller branches.
hold it there until it sets (just a few seconds)

continue gluing all leaves to the smaller branches.

8. after all leaves have been glued to the branch, and the glue has dried,
go back and GENTLY GENTLY
[is it just me, or does anyone else hear Westley the Farm Boy from 'The Princess Bride' saying that?!]
bend the leaves a bit.  
just 'nudge' them to make their shapes look more individual.

you know me, i love the whole 'pale neutral palette'.
but leaves can be made from any paper at all:
wrapping paper, comic books, old book illustrations, magazine pages...
be creative and if you love color, get some!

what else can you do with paper leaves?
*hang them on monofilament line from a chandelier or curtain rod
so they dance with every little breeze
*sew them into garlands and use to drape windows
*make a 'flower' out of them to adorn a wrapped package or a corsage
*sprinkle them all over a table centerpiece of fall fruits and veggies
and of course...
*use them to enhance a display of Sweet Sweater Pumpkins!


  1. What a great idea to use paper leaves on a bare branch. After the last storm I have plenty of branches in the garden.........

  2. Love your paper leaves on the branches. You did a lovely job and it looks great- xo Diana

  3. Love this idea!! Looks beautiful!

  4. Ashleigh and I were just looking at these on pinterest to use in her wedding...she's an avid reader and we wanted to incorporate books...loove this idea!! thanks for sharing a great tutorial!
    Still hoping to win that pumpkin...just sayin'!!

  5. You make me believe that I could actually be creative, too! I've never felt like much of a crafter, but the way you break it down is just wonderful.

  6. Just found your site via Funky Junk Interiors. Love your ideas and signed up as a follower. BTW...I would LOVE to win one of your C.U.T.E. 'lil pumpkins! Thanks!

  7. I could not get your Contact button to work to email you. Just wanted you to know that you've just been featured today (Friday) on my weekly Welcome Wagon Friday post where I introduce new interesting bloggers to my readers. Welcome to our friendly blogging neighborhood! You should be receiving visitors shortly.
    Brenda@Cozy Little House

  8. Wonderful to meet you! Brenda sent me over! You have such inspiring ideas!

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!

  9. LOVE your leaves.

    Brenda sent me.
    your newest follower- so I dont miss anymore of your pretty creations:)

  10. I too love your leaves! love anything nature inspired, it looks so homely in the home. Lovely Diy, thanks for sharing. Rach

  11. Brenda at Cozy Little House, I am so sorry about that 'button malfunction' - Blogger has been havin' ISSUES lately! I've fixed it, and I thank you so much for sharing my blog on your post! Thank you all for joining me here, ladies!