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front porch fall decor: raid the garden shed!

 when it's time to spruce up your front porch decor for fall,
look no further than your garden shed or garage.
the stuff you have on hand out there will make seasonal decorating EASY!

look at that top photo. what do you see?
galvanized buckets. a watering can. a plant stand, maybe.
those are PROPS, people! and with PROPS, you can get BIG effects FAST.
here's the 'Fast, Cheap & Easy' scoop
  on how this vignette came together:

i grabbed an old black iron plant stand and literally slopped some white paint on it.
[go to ReStore or other thrift shops for paint for projects like this.
it doesn't have to match anything else, it just needs to be some kind of white or gray
or whatever color you want it to be. quarts for a buck, gallons for three - 
paint isn't cheaper anywhere. and you're keeping it out of landfills, too!]

one galvanized bucket sits in the plant stand, lined with with an old burlap bag.
one bucket went on the ground, upside down to serve as a pedestal.
[maybe you have harvest baskets, or wire locker baskets to use]

the rusty white metal watering can is balanced on the back edge of the lower bucket.
it leans against the wall. and it has no bottom.who cares?!

some of my large 'slopped-on-white-paint'-ed  pumpkins
(one terra cotta, one resin) are the focal points in both galvanized buckets. 
a few cream-colored resin pumpkins sit on the ground, just for good measure.
[Dollar Tree stores have small sizes of resin pumpkins - for a buck.
look for bigger ones at thrift stores. and yes, you can paint them!]

and here's the best part: that COOL grass you see in the bucket?
dead daylily leaves. yep. 
after summer was over last year, the foliage died.
i cut it off the plants and put it on a shelf to save it.
(that may stretch into the realm of hoarding, i'm not sure...)
but it was FREE 
and the dark color contrasts so well with the gray siding and the white pumpkins!
so, handfuls of the foliage went into the top bucket and the watering can.
[what about using plain old grasses/WEEDS, 
the ones growing on the roadside?]

some small bunches of real bleached oak leaves tuck in to finish it all off.
[get these at a craft store, like Michaels or JoAnns or Ben Franklin]
you can also get fabric leaves at the Dollar Tree store 
and soak them in a bleach & water solution until they are colorless.
keep them away from kids while doing this!
[or head to a vacant lot, your yard, or a friend's yard to gather leaves from trees. 
just don't raid your neighbor's yard without asking!]
the 'fall' tag was made using a white index card and some scrapbooking stickers 
[from the Dollar Tree store]
it hangs from the watering can handle with a metal shower curtain hook.
[if weather would have affected it, i could have covered it with clear packing tape]

that's all it takes to style your front porch for fall!

so tell me....
what's in your garden shed, waiting for the spotlight?!
this photo was shot THROUGH the screen door... 
i love how the screen texture ages the look of the image.

might be a good idea to print that photo and hang it inside,  
so i can enjoy my porch decor as much as my neighbors!

psssst: see what i did for my holiday season front porch decor

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  1. This is REALLY beautiful! I love everything about your display. Everything matches or blends with your siding. How cool is that? And for next to nothing! I'm going to look around and get more creative! You've inspired me!

  2. I absolutely love this. Thank you so much for these valuable tips. Love, Love, Love it~! Now I must ask my neighbour for some oak leaves ;-)

  3. Love how you've used all these old and natural elements together. I'm getting in the mood for fall decorating.

  4. I love the way you tied all nature's elements together. You did a wonderful job with everything- xo Diana

  5. I had to keep going back and looking at it...your ideas are so amazing! I have day lilies everywhere...now I have to save to old leaves...hubby will be so pleased~not!
    I think I got rid of my terra cotta pumpkins, because I just don't think outside the box! Hopefully I was too lazy to take them to the thrift store and I can make a pretty display too!!

    SOOOOO loving all your fabulous ideas!

  6. oh i love this look..come do my front porch.;)

  7. Great FALL ideas! Love them all...can't believe it is just around the corner. But I do love that time of the year.

  8. Fantastic Fall Decor! Love all your pumpkins, I'm now a follower

  9. Always inspiring....Im working on my fall window this weekend. I would love to do something simple and rustic like this.

    Love that you have created this site and Im seriously addicted.

    Happy Fall

    Lucky 7 Design

  10. Thank you all SO much for your comments, girls! I love this time of year, too...