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over the tablescape!

here's a quick decor tip that truly works any time of year:
i just happened to do this in the fall with the 'Tattered & Torn' room scheme
that's been featured in a few recent posts...

i had a perfectly serviceable chandelier
[mine was an old brass one from the 1980's, bought for a few bucks at a thrift shop.
it sticks to EVERYTHING]
that i popped some wicker 'top hat' shades on, but it needed some more pizazz

i simply screwed in a few cuphooks up in the ceiling and hung some curvy old wire lampshade frames from them.
yes, i meant for them to hang crooked and wonky - it's more interesting that way!
stagger the sizes, the distances, the heights.

in this photo above, the frames hang ON the hooks.
in the top photo, you can see how  i dropped those wire shade frames down lower
by suspending them with velvet ribbons.

they work either way - AND you can also embellish the lampshade frames!
add ribbons, flowers, crystals, or add some vintage photos & papers 
using wooden clothespins to hold them on. 

what else could you hang like this?
birdcages. branches. baskets. wire garden fencing. bike wheels.

i just HAVE to share this here (already did on facebook):
i saw this cool wood wall made from RE-CLAIMED old wood in a casino on the las vegas strip! yes, i did!
[my logo wasn't on it]

you know that old door that i showed in my last post?
i say go big or go home - do a whole WALL of old doors or wood planks,
then add old hooks up high to hang seasonal decor from!
what a backdrop in an entryway!


  1. oh I love what you did with the lights..what a neat focal point and conversation piece(s)..I love it..I also love your sweater pumpkins..they are fab..I love pumpkins and fall.;) I love your style.;)

  2. Hi Deb,
    I love hanging those old wire lampshade bases in my booth for a show....I will now do some in the house,such a great idea! I love,love,love those wicker hats too,to cute.

    Smiles & Blessings,

  3. I'm heading right now to go age some lampshades! I just love how this looks! Rusty and Crusty!


  4. I love using the wire frame of lampshades...I have a few hanging around the shop tied up with tulle, ribbon and whatever else my crazy little mind thinks of...lol


    Lucky 7 Design

  5. I have a blog post planned that shows some great inspiration for lampshades - I can't wait to share some of the fun ones I have come up with over the years!