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a Bewitched Mirror Trick

while my last post was about adding witch hats to photos,
here is yet another easy way to turn mere mortals into bewitched souls...

add a paper witch hat to a mirror. 
yes, it's really that simple!

cut out and tape a black paper witch hat to a mirror
[or crown, or clown hat, or any other kind of hat you like]
and when people walk by and look in the mirror, 
they'll see the hat 'sitting' on their head. it looks like it's floating:
this is miss Malia Karlinsky, writer for GalTime Seattle, photographer, 
and blogger extraordinaire over at Yesterday on Tuesday.
Malia snapped this photo of herself at one of my vintage events up in the Seattle area a few years ago,
where i had made use of the 'floating hat' mirror trick. 
the entire wall of this area of my shop was covered with old photos and book illustrations of women
that i had drawn black witch hats and funny witch shoes on. 
it was a gallery of witches, so to speak, 
and the hat on the mirror enabled the viewer to BECOME a witch while looking at the gallery
it was really cute, and everyone loved it! 

so there you go.... if you combine the two ideas, you'll have some bewitched decor!
perhaps for your powder room or entry hall, during a Halloween party?
[though if you did this with crowns, it could work for a birthday or any other occasion]

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  1. You have posted some really fun Halloween ideas! How creative you are.