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'Fast, Cheap & Easy': Spellbound Photos

 alright, witches....
here's a 'Fast, Cheap & Easy' TM Halloween decorating tip if ever there was one:

1. grab a bunch of family photos. the more women in them, the better ;0)
doesn't matter where they are or what they are doing.
2. scan them, or take them to the local printer and run copies, in black and white.
3. use a black Sharpie marker and draw WITCH HATS and SHOES onto the women in the photos!
4. frame them in cheap dollar store frames painted black, and hang anywhere.
see how EASY this is?!
you can turn any gathering of girls into a witches' convention!
the photos can be of women at the beach, on a roller coaster, in the pool, on the runway... 
in any era, any decade, any style.
just add hats and funny shoes!
and maybe a cobweb overlay as a skirt or shawl. 
[ black cats, cauldrons, brooms and magic wands optional ]

one important note:
you might not want to use photos of your mother in law for this!
you can also use smaller photos, draw the hats on them, 
then place them into clear glass jars and bottles.
i added printed captions to mine - just funny lines that sort of describe the action in the photos -
and embellished the bottles with black ribbon and silver chains & charms.
 the image on the large bottle here is from an old book page -
i added the black hat and then glued the whole image onto the outside of the bottle.
[ a similar photo of these bottles appeared in PORCH magazine back in 2009 ]

I've got another easy and FUN idea for using a witch hat...
check out this post, too!


  1. Now that is a funny photo idea. I'm pinning it.


  2. Fun blog! So, so glad to be participating in Flying Lessons with so many talented and wonderful women! ~ Seasons of Grace & Wisdom

  3. What an awesome Idea... I'm going to find my pail of sharpies and try this today... Thank you so much for sharing♥ Tania @