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Halloween Countdown

 Halloween is just days away, 
and there are some pretty creative people out there getting ready for the party!

During a recent day spent on Balboa Island, California, 
a friend and I spotted some outdoor decor that really made us smile.
None of this is over the top, but the effect is traffic-stopping.
(and i mean that literally - we weren't the only ones poised with cameras to capture a shot!)

The decor at the house shown here is totally coordinated -
their 'guests' attire matches the colors of the siding and patio furniture in tones of gray, black, and red.
The figures are made much like scarecrows - just stuffed clothing with a Halloween mask.
so EASY - and great impact when used in multiples like this.
The fact that they are sitting in the chairs and sofas is just smile-inducing - not scary. 
And how cute would this be if you used your old costumes from Halloweens past?

Another home made use of one simple element to bring the 'fear factor': Spiders
Hung from the siding, perched on the umbrellas, and dangling from the railings, 
these giant arachnoids are the perfect creepy detail.
[It also doesn't hurt that they coordinate with the half-moon black awning over the door
and the black metal patio furniture.]
These were store-bought - but how easy would it be to use bendable copper tubing 
covered in black fake fur for the legs, 
and a giant black round pillow as a body to make your own?
This goes to show that you don't have to be 'that house' in the neighborhood
that is totally over run with Halloween Decor to be festive.
A little bit of decor really can go a long way!


  1. LOVE those giant spiders on the white house - they really pop! Gotta keep that in mind... :)

  2. I am pretty sure you hit on my childhood fear.... giant spiders. On my house. And now I love it!


  3. Wow, those spiders are something! Great idea and traffic stoppin, I bet!