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Happy Halloween!

i have always enjoyed adding sweet little seasonal decor touches to my home.
it all began with my Mom, who did the same thing when i was a little debby,
and i continued the tradition with my four kids.
it never took a lot, just a fun tablesetting on the morning of a special day
and a touch in the entry of our home, to set a mood.
the photos here are of a display i created in the window of our kitchen one year,
using my prolific pumpkin collection.
now my kids are adults, with families of their own, and they continue this tradition!
Halloween has so many great memories for me... here's just one:
Years ago, when my four kids were small, we'd travel from our home in the mountains to a friend's home in the valley. She lived in a neighborhood with hundreds of nice houses, so it was a prime Trick or Treating location. We'd have a great time taking our combined five kids around the neighborhood, while the hubbies stayed at her house and handed out candy to the munchkins. When we returned, there was candy for the kids and a nice dessert for the adults, while we all watched 'It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown'. Then we'd head home with our exhausted brood - and it was an hour drive from her house to mine.

EVERY year, she'd call my home phone and leave a message before I even got to my house - saying something along the lines of  "BEAT 'CHA! I got all my Halloween decor put away and my house is decorated for THANKSGIVING already!" Cracked me up.

In a similar thought, I know some bloggers and pinners are already posting Holiday content - but I just can't go there yet. There are a few posts I want to share with you, filled with Thanksgiving Inspiration, and then it's full-bore into Holiday content. I even have a FABULOUS giveaway lined up already! Stay tuned...


  1. sweet story! sounds like we have some fun in store for us!

  2. What a wonderful story. I love the phone call from your friend! Have a wonderful Halloween- xo Diana

  3. What a wonderful Halloween memory. Can't wait to see what you show us for November. Happy Halloween.