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Don't Fence Me In!

i love using garden elements for decor.
watering cans, terra cotta pots, garden tools, birdbaths, fences...
especially fences.

over the years i've used old garden fencing in a multitude of ways...
i actually hauled a dozen vintage white wood fence sections around for ten years!

here are a few ideas to get YOU started!
* a section of fence as a backdrop in a vignette
it can be hung on the wall, or just leaned up there.

paired with a large garden urn, a large vase filled with lilac blooms,
and terra cotta pots that are stacked and tipped over, filled with various objects
[like balls of string and glass lamp globes and garden hand tools and seed packets]
keeps the whole 'garden' theme going...

another section of fencing was hung up higher and to the right, 
and another small section lies on its side below that...
the two pieces are visually connected  by adding some white wire garden fencing between them.
[this large arrangement was the focal point behind the cash register
during the spring vintage show on our farm in 2010.]

* fence pickets used as signs
i simply separate the pickets, and hand-paint them!
[that's also one of my headboard signs!]

* fencing as lumber supply: tables
 [the fence pickets have been separated from the fence structure before using as lumber]

another idea, shown below, is a little more complicated:
follow the white arrow in the photo, and you'll see
* fencing turned into a window awning

 some of the fencing i had hauled around for a decade was used in the making of it...
and that awning was used in four locations over five years!

* hung as shown above ^ in our antique store booth

*sitting on top of a metal tent frame in our show booth

* hung in my store on the farm (twice - two stores, two farms)

...and NOW it has been shrunk down in size,
and hangs over a bed in a young girl's bedroom!

fencing also works beautifully as:
*wainscot (lower wall treatment)
* headboards
* backs of benches
*shutters (hung vertically)
oh, yeah.... and in the garden!

have you ever used garden fencing as decor in your home?

*note: credit for the construction of the fence awning and tables shown above
goes to my late husband. he was very talented!*

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  1. Love the old fencing and the awning is awesome.
    Audrey Z.
    @ Timeless Treasures