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upcycled paper party hat May Day baskets

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With May Day just a blink away,
I thought I'd share this SUPER EASY project tutorial with you
so you can share the gift of flowers with family & friends...
let's make flower baskets / cones from paper party hats and gift wrap!

For this project, you'll need:

* old paper party hats
* leftover gift wrapping paper in bright colors and/or prints
* some snippets of ribbon (@ 18' long)
* scissors and a glue stick
* 1 plastic sandwich bag and 1 rubber band per basket
* flowers clipped from your yard or a field

1. & 2.use the glue stick to attach a piece of gift wrapping paper to a hat - start by gluing one edge of the paper at the seam of the hat, roll it around the hat, and glue in place at the seam again.
3. use scissors to trim paper to an even depth around the rim of the hat - leave @ 1 inch for folding over.
4. fold paper into the inside of the hat, 'pleating' it neatly as you go.
5. poke a hole through the gift wrap and the hat on each side, right where the elastic chin-band is attached. the hole needs to go all the way through.
6. pull both ends of the ribbon through both holes, so that the ribbon forms a large loop above the cone. tie the ends of the ribbon together so that they sit inside the cone.

If you want to add a special embellished collar to the cone, add it now.
This is a laser-cut paper cupcake wrapper, simply taped into the inside edge of the cone -
It took two wrappers to fit the cone.
7. fill the sandwich bag with @ one ounce of water. roll the edges down and slip the rubber band over the bottom of the bag - cinch it twice to hold the top closed and keep the water inside the baggie.
8. there will be a very small hole at the top of the baggie - tuck your greens and flowers into that hole. it will hold more than you think!
9. then place the baggie inside the paper cone - a great way to stabilize the cone is to sit in inside a glass to hold it upright as you work. this pilsner beer glass is the perfect shape for the cone!

Your May Day flower baskets / cones are ready!
Display them upright in glasses or vases or hang them on a door or cabinet knob.

Here are a few shots of my creations to inspire you:

 I added faux flowers and a flower seed packet to the real ivy in this flower cone, 
and hung it on the front door to welcome May in style...

2021: many thanks to homebnc for sharing my tutorial in their post!

shared online:

2021 funky junk interiors | diy salvaged junk projects #574

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  1. LOVE these great ideas! Thanks for sharing....xox

  2. Many Thanks to HOMEbnc.com for including this project in their '50+ Best Spring Porch Decor Ideas' post in January, 2021: https://homebnc.com/best-spring-porch-decor-ideas/

  3. How clever to use party hats for May Day baskets! Time for a trip to the dollar store.

    1. thank you so much, Marie! i do hope more people will take up the practice of making and giving May Day baskets again.... flowers never fail to cheer a soul, and that's something we all need more of right now!