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Happy Earth Day - EVERY Day!

Those of us who create using reclaimed & recycled materials  
observe Earth Day EVERY day!
It's fun to know that we are not only helping to keep the planet 'green' and healthy,
 but we are preserving parts of history by not sending architectural salvage to the landfill.

As I was arranging the frames for the presentation that I shared about in my post yesterday,
I remembered a similar project that I created, using old window frames.

They were used in several arrangements as props inside our booths at vintage shows in 2010...

Basically, I just hung varied sizes and styles of old window frames
[both with and without glass in them]
at varied heights and levels from the booth frame, using wire,
to create an overhead 3-D composition.

Giant chandeliers completed the look and added sparkle!

You can see in the photos above that the window elements
can be arranged differently in each setting - 
in this case, vendor booths at three different shows - 
and yet the message or theme remains the same.

Windows are also pretty cheap at salvage stores, garage sales, and on Craigslist!
[My current neighbors have several leaning against their house, 
and I just want to go BUY them from her so I can use them!]

This idea is easily adapted to a 2-D wall arrangement
using old windows, frames, mirrors, shutters, crates, palettes....
any kind of salvage with character.

Yes, savvy viewers will notice that two of the frames in this image from 2009
are the same frames that I used in my presentation on Saturday!

How are you observing Earth Day EVERY day?

photos above are of the RETREAT booth at the
Farm Chicks, Barn House, and UrbanBarn antique / vintage shows in 2010.

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