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Autumn's Golden Light

I was searching for a certain image the other day,
and in the process I came across some old photos that just say 'AUTUMN' to me.

The golden glowing light captured in them is my FAVORITE thing about fall...
the way the light turns more amber and deep, especially in late afternoon.
It's my favorite time of day!

Since my last two posts have been about fall decorating 
as inspired by displays at vintage shows,
I thought I'd wrap that up with a post showing images of one of MY old booths at a show.

 From the glowing woods to glistening golds,
luxe velvet and satin fabric details to simple paper and leather,
I think this embodies that certain color of autumn light that I so love.
There's not a typical tree leaf in sight here, but the decor speaks to the pleasures of fall.

Yes, decor can be inspired by something as simple as the color of light 
that pours through your windows during a certain season or time of day!
Let the color of a summer blue sky or a winter snow be the touchpoint for your decor,

and you'll have created an ambience that speaks to your soul.

PS: It's not about spending money.
All of the items shown in the above photos were made or 'fixed up' 
using reclaimed and repurposed materials that were found or thrifted.
Though the look is 'luxe', the cost was miniscule.
Someone else took photos of my booth at that show, too...
and they ended up in Where Women Create magazine a few years later.
Where Women Create's Summer 2012 issue 
featured a story on Judy Watkins and her Remnants of the Past Antique Show,  
with beautiful photos of the show by Jenny Malott.
I am so very grateful to Jenny, Judy, and Jo Packham of WWC 
that they chose several images of my booth displays to include in the story:

Right Page: my Retreat booth & products
(looks familiar, huh?
yes, Jenny took EXACTLY the same shot that I did!)

Right Page, lower left corner: detail of Retreat booth display
Right Page: Baby Grand Piano Bar,
created with my late husband Bob Kennedy for our business, 'Retreat', in 2009
This piece truly was one of his greatest designs...
details of the piano bar:
 * exterior and interior covered with vintage player piano & sheet music
* interior re-purposed as a wine storage unit, liquor bottle & glass storage, 
and keyboard replaced with a pull-out mirrored tray for serving.

shared online:

Practically Functional | Creativity Unleashed

There's a lot more to that story....

  I just can't share those magazine images without sharing the rest of the story....

It's really personal stuff, 

and I know that's not really what HOMEWARDfound is about,
but I just have to share it anyway.
                       Although I had seen the FIRST page image shared on social media,
I didn't know the others were included in the article until I went to JoAnn's Fabrics 
and picked up the actual magazine.
Standing there next to the checkout aisle, flipping through pages,
the smile on my face instantly turned to a gasp as I saw the piano bar appear.
I had no words.

And then I had a breakdown.

I sobbed so hard, I nearly had to sit down on the floor.
I'm sure that people thought I had lost it... and indeed, I HAD.

You see, having the piano bar published in a magazine was a dream come true.
Ever since the day in 2009 that the piano bar project was completed
(after two weeks of rebuilding & customizing by my late husband, 

and another entire week of decoupaging with vintage music by me),
I had dreamed of seeing it published.
And now, it had been. Only it came too late.... 
The issue hit the stands just three months after I ended a 32 year marriage,
and six months after our vintage business, 'Retreat', had closed forever.
Here was this beautiful, amazing, unique creation - a work of art
having its well-deserved day in the sun,
and everything it stood for and reminded me of was GONE.
Marriage, Family, Business, Home, Show, Dreams... all of it gone.
It was heartbreaking.

Even with the animosity between us since our separation,
I sent a picture of the page to him and said
'Congratulations Bob! You should be really proud of this one. It's your Magnum Opus.'
He didn't reply.

But I was proud of it - for him, for me, for us, for what we created together.
For all that we did over five years as Retreat, I AM proud.
I wish it hadn't ended - especially the way it did. 
I will never stop being proud of the good things we did together. 

Golden Light. Golden Memories. Grateful for both.

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