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Tutorial: May Day Tin Can Flower Baskets

Happy May Day!
I've been making this cute Spring craft for decades:
flower buckets made from upcycled tin cans and seed packets!

I've had a 'thing' for upcycling tin cans for quite a while...
Back in the 90's, I had a decorative painting business
and made these pails - and I handpainted 'vintage'-look seed packets on the front of the cans. 
Hundreds and hundreds of cans!
 I really loved my friends in the restaurant industry, who supplied me with all I could want.
I painted and sold these with designs for every season and every holiday,
in practically every shape and size of can that exists. Mine had little wire handles, too...
see my Painted Pails here!

Now I've created this version that requires NO painting!
You'll love this 'Fast, Cheap & Easy' TM project -
and will have little buckets of flowers to share with everyone today!

* empty tin cans with lids removed
* seed packets (full or empty)
* string or garden twine & scissors
* manual can opener (with pointed end)
* glue stick optional
* flowers clipped from your yard (or 2" potted plants)

1. wash empty tin cans and remove paper labels [GooGone works well on stubborn glue]
2. use can opener to pierce two holes at top edge of either side of can (point down)
3. use back of can opener to roll and press punctured metal FLAT on inside of can (no sharp point)
4. lay can on side, and lay seed packet over the seam of the can (or over stubborn glue spots!). 
glue in place with the glue stick if you wish.
5. cut @ 24" piece of string/twine and wrap it several times around the can and the seed packet,
 near the bottom of the can. Repeat with another string at top of seed packet/can.
6. tie strings tightly on the back side of the can to hold the seed packet in place.
7. cut @ 24" piece of string/twine, double it, 
and pass the ends through both holes on the sides of the can. tie ends together to form hanging loop.
8. fill can with water (@2 inches) 

 9. add flowers!

 10. hang up on a doorknob or display on a tabletop, counter, or shelf...

You can use empty seed packets, or ones that are still full of seeds - 
and if you can fill the can with the same kinds of flowers that are on/in the seed packet,
it's a doubly sweet gift.

[PS: I found these pretty seed packets at the Dollar Tree store - ten for a buck!]

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  1. yes...another great tin can idea...we do love them! happy may day Deb!

  2. ;) Amy, I know you and your girls are part of the tin can tribe! Thank you so much for stopping by!

  3. So adorably (is that a word) cute!!!