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Take It Outside!

Want some unique decor for your alfresco fall dinner this weekend?
Take a chandelier OUTSIDE!

In this scene, a thrifted brass chandelier has been sprayed silver 
and hangs from the center support of an A-frame wood ladder, 
using a metal shower curtain hook and sturdy wire. 
The chandelier cord has had a plug added,
and a very long extension cord allows the light to be plugged into a socket in the nearby barn.
Frosted night light bulbs add just enough light for ambiance.

The A-frame ladder is flanked by two smaller ladders, 
and sections of old picket fencing are propped up to form a 'house'-shaped backdrop to the setting. 
The openness of the display allows diners to look through to the fields and pastures beyond...
add food, friends, flowers, and music, and you have a lovely pastoral evening!

[The table made from reclaimed fenceboards and the benches crafted from old headboards and chair arms 
were created by Bob Kennedy for Retreat, 2009. Setting by Deb Kennedy.]

Are you looking for fall decor inspiration with PUMPKINS? 

Head over to Funky Junk Interiors' 'Party Junk' link party - it's ALL about DIY Pumpkins!
[three ideas from HOMEWARDfound are on there!]


  1. I love an outside chandelier! Nothing like it for sweet outdoor lighting. Love the pumpkins, too! xo Diana

  2. Your blog truly inspires me. I love each and every post. I made some pumpkins from light globes. I saw your idea and loved it.. Thanks for inspiring us all.

    1. Oh, goodness, thank you SO much for such a kind comment! You just made my day, hon! <3 And I am so glad you took an idea that you saw here and made it your own - that's what it's all about!

  3. I am hoping to add one to our yard after our porch is built! Great inspiration!Thanks for sharing!