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Madre de Dio de Los Muertos!

Having spent more than 35 years as a retail display designer and stylist,
I have a great appreciation for this art of merchandising products - when it is done right.

And let me tell you, I live five miles from one of the BEST visual merchandising teams in the WORLD!
The geniuses at Roger's Gardens came up with this AWESOME idea,
and so for my first HALLOWEEN post, I just had to share it:
Paint Dia de Los Muertos [ 'Day of the Dead'] elements onto classical statuary.
[I'm not sure, but those two on the bottom could be
Janet and Rocky from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.... smile]

These statues punctuate one of the SIX rooms in the 2013 Halloween House - 
a warren of six rooms on the grounds of the nursery that is transformed each fall
into a wonderland of scary delights.
This year, the theme is 'Night Gallery', and everything reflects a haunted museum/art gallery.
Ghoulishly clever!

Yes, you COULD do this!
Every time I walk into a thrift store, there's some errant knick-knack on a shelf
that looks like Marie Antoinette or Caesar or George Washington...
[usually they are concealing an AVON bath oil bottle, but whatever! They'll work!]
Paint them with flat white paint and then get busy adding dio de los muertes (Day of the Dead) motifs using paint pens, felt markers, poster paint, craft paint
....and those stale old 'busts' will be history. or... 'busted'. 
Take your pick! And have fun!

I have more photos of other brilliant ideas that they came up with, 
which translate into things for you to try at home... 
and I'll try to break them down into easy steps to get a similar look
without having a lifetime of experience in visual effects... stay tuned!

Photo credit: Debi Ward Kennedy . Photos of Rogers' Gardens displays


  1. You're SO right Deb --- Roger's Gardens is amazing. How fun that you live so close. Thanks for sharing all their (and your) fun ideas.

  2. I Love Roger's Gardens and used to go there for their Holiday Walks and Displays. Brings back memories of my California Days~

    Thanks for Sharing Deb~

    Huggs, Nancy