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That's a - DOOR - able!

Imagine my surprise when I was scrolling down my facebook newsfeed Friday night,
and suddenly saw a VERY familiar image - one of mine, as shown above!
That photo appeared in this post on HOMEWARDfound last fall.

It seems that Miss Donna, of Funky Junk Interiors fame, included one of my decor ideas
in her 'DIY Old Door Rockstars' roundup for her link party this week:
[can I just ask the question.... this IS about old DOORS, right? 
Not like the 'rockstars' are all old? just wonderin'.....!!]

Well, I am thrilled and honored to have had my 'door turned into wall art' included!
Thank you so much, Donna ;) 

I thought I'd hustle over here and put together a brand new post
showing some of the things I have done with old doors over the years...

I shared this photo in this post last fall,
where I hung an old plank door sideways as a background for industrial pieces.
In this photo, I used a paint pen to draw a 'Mom's Diner' logo on a windowed door,
then placed it in one of the displays in my Petite Retreat seasonal store.

Now, that old white door shown in the first photo in this post?
It ended up becoming a tabletop, with old carved fence posts for legs:

Another old door became another tabletop, married to legs from a ruined Eastlake dining table:
That was the kind of brilliant stuff my late husband created, for our business 'Retreat'.
Our whole business was built around creating new furnishings and decor 
from reclaimed, salvaged, and upcycled materials.

But I bet you wanna' know about the red door on the LEFT up there, don't you?

I still have no idea WHY, but he called that original design his 'Butler's Table'.
[there was NO butler at our house... there WAS a maid, tho.
And you know who it was, right? I'm just sayin'...]

He married old doors with HALF of a table - 
dropleaf, demilune, split-top, anything.
He'd come up with the most amazing combinations - like these:

and I would paint them in various aged and faux finishes.
When you opened the drop-leaf ones, you'd see this:
...the table provided a work or eating surface, and then folded back flat 
for a perfect fit in an entryway, a small kitchen, or a bedroom.
Like I said, brilliant ideas!

There's so much you can do with old doors...
go check out Donna's link party to see more!


  1. Love every single one of those door ideas, Deb! One day I would love to have a dutch door put in the kitchen. It just started raining so guess what you inspired me to do? A little nest fluffing. Going through some boxes and since tomorrow is the first day of Autumn, we are going to "spice things up". Have a great weekend!

  2. Fantastic post. I am going to save it for later so I can have a really good look.

  3. Love this inspiration!!Congratulations on your feature!

  4. I love those ideas! I need something new behind my couch, and I think an old door might just be perfect! Great ideas!