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Walls of Paper and Wood

I am currently looking for some old wood crates to use in a display at an upcoming artisan show
[more info on THAT coming soon!]
Because I've been focusing on crates, a display I created years ago has been on my mind...
it's something that can be easily replicated in a home,
and I thought you might like to see it!
 This is a 'before' photo of the wall I decorated.
Actually, this is the second photo, because it started out blood RED.
As soon as I could, I painted the whole barn interior WHITE!

Um, yeah, you read that right.... this was inside a horse barn!
We had a small 2-stall barn on the farm, and I decided to turn it into a seasonal store.
After the cleanup and paint, lights were added
[bought at the ReStore for $3 each!]
and the french doors on the left were installed on the inner wall
so that the huge barn door could still slide open & closed on the outer wall.

 So then I decided to add some interest to that big white wall...
and I 'wallpapered' it with strips of vintage piano player music!
[I had a box of fifty rolls, so there was a LOT to work with.]
After the wall was covered, I added extra pieces that curled up and out, to give it texture.
I even hung some of the strips of paper with the roller dowel still attached,
and some from the rafters up above to make the wall seem even taller.
 Then I took a collection of miscellaneous wood crates & boxes
and screwed them to the wall in a free-form configuration.
I didn't measure - I just started at the bottom with the biggest crates, and worked my way up the wall.

I liked it when it was empty, but the whole point was to create areas for product to be displayed...
... and I crammed a LOT of small items into those boxes!
Furnishings and lamps and other accessories were grouped in front of the wall, 
and the whole room came together in a very organic, country, almost 'Anthropologie' display.

I say 'room' but really, it was still just a barn stall!
[that french door you see was set on the inside of the opening, and the dutch barn door opened out]
You could certainly do a treatment like this in a home...
in a wide hallway, office, or guest room.
or in your store, like Peggy did at Down Home Country Antiques in Orange, CA!
[more in this post from last fall]
or, like Roger's Gardens Nursery in Newport Beach, California did above,
create an outdoor wall treatment that will hold your garden supplies and plants.
I could even see this arrangement on the side of a garage leading up to the front door,
with beautiful natural elements displayed every season of the year!

I'm editing my post to add that I nearly fell out of my chair laughing
when I clicked into the blog Thursday night to find
an ad for a HORSE BARN below this post!!!!
Adsense, really???
Out of all the content on this blog, THAT one term in one line of this post
is what you come up with as correlated marketing? sigh.....

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    1. Laurie, I have a feeling you meant to post this comment on my September 11th post... and I thank you. Words just fail to express my emotions on that day, or my pride in my son's attitude.

  2. I love this, Deb. So warm and organic, so functional!

  3. SO pretty and love the creative use of crates! sharing on FB now. Thanks so much for linking up with OPC and My Blessed Life to support Habitat4Humanity!

    1. Thanks, Jocie! I LOVE your linkups and the purpose behind them - I've been supporting Habitat4Humanity for years by shopping at and donating to their ReStores, and this is just another way to call attention to their cause! <3

    2. THANK YOU debbie! featuring you tomorrow night on the blog! :)