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String Me Along...

Another SUPER 'Fast, Cheap & Easy' TM project for fall, with one of my favorite approaches:
Use everyday items in ways they weren't intended to be used.
These 'pumpkins' are made from twigs, leaves, and rolls of twine, thread, and string!

Simply grab rolls of string, twine, thread or yarn that you  might have on hand,
or head to the dollar store for new ones.
Stand the roll up on one end and insert a twig from a tree into it.
Add a leaf or two - and you're done!
Display a few different kinds together, 
paired with other fall elements like canvas runners, wood serving trays and old books.
This is what I call 'temporary decor'...when fall is over, pull out the twigs and leaves,
and tuck your string back into the kitchen junk drawer :)

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