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Wine Not???

Last Fall, I shared a simple way to spook up a chandelier with black netting.
Then last Spring, I shared photos of a crystal chandelier turned into a water fountain.
Both ideas were created by the incredibly talented visual team at a nearby home and garden store, 
Roger's Gardens.

Well, they've gone and done it AGAIN!

I went over to check out their famous Halloween House displays this year (post to come!)
and saw this fun embellishment of a chandelier...
It's simply ropes of chandelier crystals (with metal clips) epoxied to the bottoms of
wine and champagne glasses,  letting them dangle precariously in the air:
Talk about SPIRITED decor ;)

Want to see more of the ways this visual team uses their crystal chandelier props?
chandelier fountain
wicked chandelier

visit the Roger's Gardens website

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