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homewardFOUND holiday shop

 I've been extremely blessed to have found a HAUL of vintage and handmade holiday goods
that I am thrilled to offer you in my homewardFOUND shop this month...
as a matter of fact, I ended up with SO MUCH STUFF that it wouldn't fit in Room #1!

 so shop owner Stephani came up with Plan B, and I worked some magic! 

(click on 'read more' to see what I did....)

that's an entire additional ROOM, my friends!
I've taken over Room #3, right next door to my existing shop in Room #1
and filled it to the brim with happy colorful red and green holiday treats for you!

You'll find my original Sweet Sweater Snowmen and Snowbabies, Light Globe Snowmen,
and a plethora of bonafide vintage holiday decor (including Shiny Brites!) for your home...

I invite you to stop by the store, Needful Things Addiction, in Lake Elsinore, CA
to see my rooms and all of the other beautiful rooms filled with holiday spirit...


  1. Wow! It looks like you hit the motherlode there! Good luck- hope you sell LOTS of stuff!!!! xo Diana

    1. Miss Diana, I can't even TELL you the level of pure JOY I experienced as I unearthed these treasures! I am still in awe! And I've sold a LOT over the weekend ;) Working on a few more additions, tho.....