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Recycling Christmas!

I LOVE changing up my color schemes each year, 
combining ornaments in new ways
and mixing what I have to get a whole new look...
(see more of this year's 'Ombre' tree - on the left - here)

How about you?
Do you experiment each year, or do you stick with the 'tried and true' favorites?!
What are your favorite colors for your Christmas Decor?

the mission statement of HOMEWARDfound decor
is basically 'work with what we already have' (or can get CHEAP)
and is born out of my love for making things over -
so I rethink, reimagine, redesign, recycle, and reuse everything I have all.year.long.

continue reading to see some of them!

see how many 're-do's you can spot
in this round up of some of my past Christmas decor color theme posts

Tropical Color

whatever your color palette and decor scheme is this Christmas,
I hope it reflects the things that make you happy! 

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