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friendsgiving fun

i just found these photos from a fall event that i attended several years ago, 
where i spotted some pretty & easy ideas for a simple and rustic dessert table
perfect for a gathering of friends on Thanksgiving!

the setup was simple: wood crates provide levels,
and food is presented in bushel baskets and arranged on wood slabs.
a few large branches with fall leaves add scale in the background (without requiring any work at all),
and a handful of small pumpkins scattered along the table add color.

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 the bushel baskets held an assortment of salty, crunchy snacks, from nuts to pretzels to popcorn.
simple clip-on wood tabs identify the flavors.

and in what i thought was a scene-stealing idea,
tree bark-patterned paper cones were provided as 'dishes' for these selections!  

a selection of sweet mini doughnuts, cupcakes, and cookies offered up a sweet tidbit -
and the best part is, ALL of them were store-bought!
it was all in the presentation, not the prep.
which is a great tip to remember if you are pulling something together at the last minute.
finally, let's talk about what's in that big black enamel kettle...
it's called 'fluff'. or 'Snickers caramel apple salad', if you prefer.
(don't let the 'salad' part confuse you... though, it has apples, so it's healthy, right?!)
basically, it's a sweet concoction of apples, nuts, caramel, Snickers bars, and whipped cream
that you scoop into a bowl and eat. immediately. and it's SOOOO good! 
(takes about ten minutes to make it. click here and you'll find recipes galore!)

the little paper trays and bamboo spoons provided here are perfect for serving this treat,
as well as for the cookies, cupcakes, and doughnuts.

even if you aren't hosting a full Thanksgiving / Friendsgiving dinner,
it's pretty easy to pull together a dessert table - especially if you go potluck.
just have every guest bring something to contribute (yes, from the grocery store!)
then present the treats in a pretty setting like this...
along with a beverage bar, and some laugh-inducing games, you're all set for an evening of fun.

and calories... but they say that food has no calories when eaten with friends, so... ;) 

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