Pumpkin Couture!

 everyone is thinking about Halloween costumes,  
so let's have a little fashion show!
Sweet Sweater Pumpkins on the runway, if you will, 
to show you some ways that you can embellish my pumpkins with some couture costumes...

above, a nubbly sweater pumpkin is embellished with
a mask made from vintage sheet music and a black paper witch hat.

 this tiny little pumpkin is topped with a royal vintage crown
that actually holds a birthday candle! 
the white milk glass shoe was Cinderella's, naturally...

this one is a Princess Pumpkin,  
using a rhinestone hoop earring as a crown.

the lace collar on this mini pumpkin is a tiny little doily with a hole in the center.  
i slipped the doily over the stem before wrapping it with the twine.

 the pretty lace collar on this pumpkin is actually a necklace!
i made it from vintage trims, a rhinestone pin, and an old crystal from a chandelier

 and finally, you can really glam it up with a fascinator!

[ this sweet little hat is one of my own original designs, and i will be wearing it at the  
Remnants of the Past Antique Show  in San Luis Obispo, CA this Friday & Saturday!] 

how have you embellished your pumpkins this year?

and you can always purchase my Sweater Pumpkin Tutorial HERE
to make your OWN versions of my pumpkins!

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  1. Love the pumpkin couture (he he he) and you are right - such a busy time of year. I've got eight 10 years olds coming for a party at noon in two days and have a TON yet to do. I need a magic wand and/or potion to pull this one off! :)