Paper Swedish Hearts Tutorial

many years ago, a sweet and very excited little artist came home from school
and showed her sisters, brother, and mommy how to make hearts out of paper.
bright construction paper was precisely cut and folded and woven together,
just as she had been taught at school that day by her artistic teacher.

that was the day my third-grade daughter taught ME something!
we had hours of fun making hearts, used them on our Christmas tree,
and then kept the red and white ones up as decor in our home until Valentine's Day.
(i still have those hearts in a box)

ever since, i've used woven paper hearts in my Valentine's Day decorating...
[traditionally known as Swedish Hearts
instead of making them from construction paper, 
now i use vintage papers from books and sheet music

 they tuck into flower arrangements, dangle from ribbons, dance across inspiration boards,
and make perfect gift tags or holders for VERY tiny gifts

my Swedish Hearts tutorial appears in the current Winter issue of Creating Vintage Charm Magazine

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  1. a project from grade school days that's been given an amazing upgrade! thanks for sharing.


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