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My Bloomin' Secret

potted spring bulbs look and smell wonderful indoors
[especially if they are potted up in a cute teacup or coffee mug, as shown here]
but within a week, you're going to have a bloomed-out plant.

i have a stylist's little secret for you
that will keep your indoor bulbs looking fresh for WEEKS...

tuck a test tube or floral tube into the pot, snugged right up next to the plant stems
and slip a fresh-cut daffodil or tulip from the florist or your garden into the tube.

you end up with a healthy green plant that has perpetual blooms
in as many colors as you'd like throughout the season!
one week you can have bright yellow King Alfred daffs,
and the next enjoy soft white Ice Princess Narcissus.

...and if you don't tell anyone about your bloomin' secret, they'll never know!

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