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It's a Wrap

make easy seasonal changes to your clear glass vases with paper

whether you use an assortment of vibrantly colored wrapping paper as shown here,
or the subtle tones of vintage sheet music and book pages,
it only takes a minute - and makes a big impact.

 the two papers used here are the remains of a roll of Christmas wrapping paper
[red on one side, and white with red polka dots on the reverse]
and a piece of 1970's era heart-print gift wrap that was unearthed in an old box

 there are two methods:
* cut a piece of paper to fit INSIDE the glass vase if you are using silk flowers or twigs
* cut a piece of paper to fit OUTSIDE the glass vase if you are using a candle or real flowers in water
a few small pieces of double-stick tape will hold the paper in place

[the small hearts shown on two of these vases 
were cut from the opposite side of the paper and taped in place]

 you can also use ready-made paper items:
these small vintage-look cupcake/candy cups fit perfectly 
the outside of small glass flowerpots,
creating a sweet setting for a tealight candle

one more idea:
after you've inserted the paper INSIDE the vase for use with faux flowers,
place a white heart-shaped doily between the glass and the paper
[or perhaps a special love note or photograph!]

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  1. Just popped over from Handmadeology. This is such a cute simple idea, thanks for sharing!

  2. Cute stuff! I love Valentines day decor.

  3. I noticed your link at Debra's after I linked up...we have the same title lol.