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Cup O' Spring Freshness

this week, i linked up & shared two photos on the HOMEWARDfound facebook page
that my friends Sandy & Debi had posted on their pages,
where they were showing off their spring-theme displays at recent vintage shows.
i loved that both girls had made use of coffee & tea mugs as plant pots!

i've used this idea before in my spring decorating,
and also as a sweet teacher gift at Spring Break.

this is so simple, easy to complete in about five minutes,
and it costs less than an actual latte'!

 water sparingly and enjoy - indoors and out!

i found the green coffee mug for one dollar on the clearance aisle at Marshalls
and there's a pretty good selection over at Dollar Tree, too!
the white mug is one i had on hand (there's an old ugly logo on the back, but who cares?!)

my local Armstrong Nursery had a pony-pack of four 2 1/2" flowering bulbs for $2.98

it took me all of five minutes to remove the price tag and plant both mugs.
[i spent way more time photographing them than MAKING them]
now THAT is my kind of 'Fast, Cheap, & Easy'TM decorating!

and kids would just love the chance to get dirty making some!

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  1. Oh- I LIKE what is in your cup! It really does look like Spring although that is a long ways off for us yet! Hope you have a wonderful weekend- xo Diana