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...and the Oscar Goes to...

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there are five seasons, right?  
Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Holiday.
don't forget AWARDS SEASON!

early on Saturday, my mom decided to host an impromptu and intimate
OSCAR PARTY for four people.
so, she became the producer/director/writer
and i became the production designer/cameraman/editor
to create a setting for Sunday night's viewing of the Academy Awards show...

i rummaged through the garage, kitchen, dining room buffet and upstairs closets,
grabbing everything she had on hand in her decently-sized stash of entertaining supplies.
then we put together award-winning decor that evoked old Hollywood glamour
using black, gold, and sparkling crystal.
[no, not Billy Crystal.]

let's see if i can put this in 'industry' terms:

family room
subdued lighting, candles burning in etched clear glass containers

big screen television tuned to ABC for Oscars pre-show

tables draped in gold lame' and black satin damask
white roses in tall crystal glasses with vintage crystal strands dripping from edges
black ceramic tableware and gold flatware
cut crystal goblets and tumblers
black satin napkins

characters enter room, partake of appetizers and champagne in lounge area
while viewing celebrity Red Carpet Entrances on tv.
fashion opinions are shared. loudly.

male character asks 'who IS that?' a hundred times,
and female characters attempt to educate him on film stars of today.
[as opposed to 1962, when he last knew who the stars were]


SCENE 002:
characters move to dining area behind lounge for dinner & dessert
while viewing Academy Awards program

candles burn down, wine bottles are emptied, and laughter ensues.
applause, cheers, disappointments, and celebrations commence
as favored films and actors win awards - or not.


sorry, i didn't photograph the food. BAD cameraman (girl, whatever)
i was too busy enjoying Seth McFarlane. helloooooo Stewie...

* the white roses were left over from a bouquet that my nieces gave to their grandma.
* the Hollywood clap board was $2.49 and the five gold paper stars were $1.69 at Party City.
* there's no fancy food here (no caviar, etc.) we used what was already in the house,
except for four $4. chicken pot pies from Boston Market
[Mom says that Chasten's in Los Angeles used to be famous for their chicken pot pies, and everyone who was anyone would go there after the Oscars. who knew?]
* the bottle of Wilson Creek Almond Champagne (Ca.) was $11.99 at BevMo

so we spent less than $35 to produce this fun event. 
i'd say we made a blockbuster on an independent budget!

 the only thing i would have changed?
i would have had each of us stand up to give a speech:
 "I'd like to thank the Academy for this honor...."

[and can i just say that it was hilarious that the orchestra played the theme from JAWS
to get winners to wrap up their speeches?! love the sense of humor there.]


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  1. You get the award for best Oscar party post! Very well done and everything looks beautiful!

  2. Speeches would have been a fun touch, I agree. Next year!