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Think Outside the Box!

back in November, i was rummaging through my Mom's holiday decor stash,
 and i found a bunch of old ornaments inside
a Miller's Outpost box, shown in the photo above

ok, i'm REALLY going to date myself here by saying that 'back in the day', 
Millers was THE place to shop for cool clothes.
it was like H&M or Abercrombie are today. it was COOL.

but looking at this old, faded, tired-looking 25-year-old box, you'd never know that.
i decided that even though [or maybe especially because] it was OLD, 
this survivor of a Millers Outpost box had some redeeming qualities
[not the least of which is the faded vintage paper color]
and needed to be re-purposed into something else.
well, i couldn't figure out a single thing to make out of it at Christmas...
but shortly afterward, i had a brainstorm:

those red stripes would be perfect on hearts & tags in February!

continue reading for not one but TWO 'Fast, Cheap & Easy' tutorials:
how to turn a shirt box into gift tags and hearts!
[and shirt boxes are FREE with a purchase from department stores,
so even if you don't need one, get one as craft supplies! ]

continue reading for the tutorial...

... i was just thinking...
doesn't Abercrombie have those hot guys from their posters on their boxes & bags?
now THOSE would make some interesting hearts.... :0)

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  1. I think I like the end comment the best...lol!!!

    Don't you wish those wonderful, old stores were still around? How I miss the excitement of a trip to one of those stores! My grandparents had a "variety" store, or a "dime" store. They sold a little of everything. Old and worn wooden floors, the big gilded cash register, candy in a display case....sadly it burned down after they sold it and it's only in my memory.