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Creating Vintage Charm Autumn!

The Autumn 2013 Issue of Creating Vintage Charm Magazine is here!

I am honored to be a regular contributor to this lovely publication, 
produced by a gracious and creative spirit, Sonia Cardona Crouse.
There is beautiful inspiration in each seasonal issue,
with ideas and projects from many incredibly talented designers, decorators, and photographers
... and autumn is packed FULL!
My contribution this season is a soft, warm, natural-themed tablescape,
perfect for any autumn day - and especially Thanksgiving.
[and yes, that's a peek of one of my Original Sweet Sweater Pumpkins from the issue!]
I'll share more images of my story after the magazine has been out for awhile...
for now, here's a beautiful slideshow preview of this issue that Sonia put together:
 visit the Creating Vintage Charm facebook page!


robin's glorious 'nest' for sale!

i am going to suggest that you don't read this post on your iPhone or iPad...
it simply won't do the photos justice!

today i am thrilled to share some incredible photos of a beautiful location
[keep reading, that's below]

my friend Anne Lorys was invited to photograph
the Bandera, Texas home of fashion designer Robin Brown of Magnolia Pearl
Robin and her husband John have moved to Fredericksburg, Texas
and are now selling their 38-acre Bandera ranch.

and oh my heavens, 
this is NOT what most people think of when they hear 'Texas ranch'! 
[JR Ewing would not fit in here!]

this is VINTAGE STYLE taken to glorious excess
Robin's inimitable style is apparent in every detail of the multiple buildings on the property,
in the whimsical, delightful touches and vintage materials.
It's 'artsy', no doubt about it... just like Robin and her fanciful fashion line.

photos courtesy of & copyright Anne Lorys Photography

...and that's just the kitchen/dining area/living room 
of ONE of the multiple buildings on the property!
 [there are so many amazing DIY ideas in there using salvaged & FOUND materials, 
i can't breathe just lookin' at it....]

the ranch has been published in many magazines, both in print and online, 
and was the subject of a book by Hearst Publishing and Country Living Magazine.
photos courtesy Magnolia Pearl

Fiona and Twig
Robin, being a sweet, kind, generous, creative, playful person,
decided to thank everyone for sharing the news of her ranch being for sale, and
is giving away TWO full Magnolia Pearl outfits!

enter the giveaway, 
and you could win one of these darling prairie-style ensembles:

to see MORE stunning photos and read ALL of the details 
about Robin & John's property  for sale
AND to enter the giveaway,
please visit Anne's blog post HERE

i am not including the 'pin it' button on this post because the photos aren't mine.
they belong to my friend, photographer Anne Lorys,
and to the very talented fashion designer Robin Brown of Magnolia Pearl.
i linked them here from Anne's blog, but ask that 
if you want to pin them, please go to Anne's blog post and pin from there
so that they source correctly. Thank you...

for more decorating ideas for every season,
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Countdown to Valentine's Day!

 for the 30 days leading up to Valentine's Day,
i'll be posting every.single.day!


i have SO many creative and easy ideas ready to share with you for this holiday,
and you won't want to miss a single post!

i'll be sharing inspiring content across all of the social media platforms that i use,
so check each site every day to find my daily content
make sure you are following the HOMEWARDfound blog and facebook page,
and following Debi Ward Kennedy on Pinterest and HOMEtalk

you're going to find a heaping helping of heartful
inspiration, ideas, tips & tutorials!
 i'm including lots of
'Fast, Cheap & Easy' TM
party decor, craft projects, gifts, home decor, and more...
from accessories and tablescapes to gift wrapping, 
crafts using wood spools, vintage sheet music, sweaters, and old boxes,
info on magazine features and possibly even a GIVEAWAY! 
on my facebook page, i'll be asking you to share your FAVORITE
events, shops, boutiques, facebook pages and web sites
that offer Valentine's Day fun - all around the world!

look for this image on every post:

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welcome winter...

it's time to clear out the Christmas decor and freshen our rooms for time spent indoors...
let's cozy them up and make them inviting with stuff you probably already have!
let's greet the new year with a happy home and a happy heart

homewardFOUND is ideas, inspiration, tutorials, tips & tricks 
for easy seasonal decorating using everyday finds...


Front Porch Holiday Decor: Raid the Garden Shed AGAIN!

when you drag out the holiday decorations, what area do you decorate FIRST?
i'm a front door / front porch kinda' person. 
i figure if you begin by creating a warm seasonal welcome at the door,
everything else you do looks that much better!

OK, i'll fess up...
i also think that if your front door / porch is decorated the day after Thanksgiving, 
you blow your neighbors away. 
you win the neighborhood 'who gets their lights and wreath up first' contest.
even if the inside of your house looks like a tornado hit, you look like superwoman!
so, let's start at the front door!

in THIS POST back in August,
i shared photos of my fall front porch: 
well, the decor you see in the photos in today's post is based on the SAME elements used back then:
stuff from the garden shed!
 the galvanized buckets, watering can, and plant stand all stayed in place for the Holidays.

after removing the fall grasses, leaves and pumpkins,
i flipped over the bottom bucket, and then filled all of them up with greens
that i cut from our trees.
the details include a little miniature tree [fake],
pinecones, a birdnest, a banner & burlap stocking that i made
one very cool vintage light globe nestled into the top bucket of greens
is lit from within [night light bulb] to add a soft glow at night.
it looked like a glowing white snowball
and regarding those greens....
you're going to want to pay close attention here, 
because this is my NUMBER ONE 'TOP TIP' for Holiday decorating on the cheap!

stalk the landscapers in your neighborhood. 
know when they come - not just to do YOUR yardwork,  but the neighbors. and the common areas.
take them a plate of cookies
[why, yes, i AM suggesting that you SCHMOOZE them!]
and then ask them for some cuttings...
evergreens, pine, fir, cedar, boxwood, magnolias, bay laurel, cypress -
no matter where you live, there are always bushes, trees, and hedges being trimmed.

just ask them for the greens before they load it all into their chippers or trucks.
 you will be saving them money when they go to the landfill, so they usually always hand over the goods.

if you live in a rural area, always make sure you have permission to be on the property to cut boughs.
and don't steal them from your neighbor's yard at midnight ;0)

i have been known to pillage greenery from abandoned warehouse complex parking lots
but i am not recommending that YOU do that!

ok, back to the porch...
there was also a very long wood bench (made from an old headboard)
that i cozied up with a huge burlap pillow and a bagful of 'gifts' - 
really just simple boxes tied with burlap & ribbon.
between the bench and the door, there's one of my old folding wire shopping carts,
filled with greenery.
an old snowsled leans against the wall behind the cart, 
and an old brown umbrella is a fitting final touch for the Washington winter weather. 

i didn't buy anything to decorate with -
i just combined things i already had to create a mood.
the white, brown, green, and gray color palette
made for a serene setting that coordinated with the beach house,
and it welcomed neighbors, friends, and family well into January, too...


Tutorial: Vintage Sheet Music Fall Leaves!

my last post had a photo of my Sweet Sweater Pumpkins  to announce my giveaway
but there was more to the photograph than i used - as you can see above.
i wanted to show the details of the pumpkins and the little crown pin that i found at the flea market
[which fits oh-so-perfectly on the pumpkin]

today, I'm going to focus on another part... the leaves
i just had to do something CRAFTY to the setting when I was working on it.
going out and getting real leaves off the tree wasn't working for me
[mostly because the leaves here in SoCal are still green....]
so i decided to make some leaves.

this was a fast project, and is one of my
'Fast, Cheap, & Easy' TM tips that know you love,
so I thought I'd share the how-to with you today!

vintage paper (sheet music, dictionary pages, book pages, sewing patterns)
sharp scissors
a real or fabric leaf (any size or variety) to trace
pencil or pen
thin ruler - metal is best, if possible
a real branch (any kind, any size) with lots of small branches attached
tacky glue or hot glue
a container to hold the real branch
some kind of filler for the container to stabilize the branch
(popcorn kernels, rocks, sand, candy corn, etc.)
1. lay vintage paper flat, and use pen/pencil to trace around the real/fabric leaf.
fit as many on each page as you can, 
and try to place the real leaf in different directions as you go - 
this will keep all of your leaves from having the writing on the paper
going in the same direction.

2. carefully cut out each leaf using scissors.

3. fold each leaf over thin ruler edge, 
creating a sharp crease down the center of every leaf.

4. using the pencil/pen, curl the leaf edges either up or down.
(don't curl them both ways on the same leaf)
this makes the leaves look a little more natural. 

oh, and if a leaf tears while you are doing this?
no worries. real leaves tear and it will just look more realistic ;0)  

5. fill container with filler, then place branch into position.
6. using hot glue or tacky glue, 
place a drop of glue on either side of the center of each leaf - 
but JUST at the BASE of the leaf. 
the glue dots should be the size of the eraser of your pencil.

7. quickly take the leaf and bend it around one of the smaller branches.
hold it there until it sets (just a few seconds)

continue gluing all leaves to the smaller branches.

8. after all leaves have been glued to the branch, and the glue has dried,
go back and GENTLY GENTLY
[is it just me, or does anyone else hear Westley the Farm Boy from 'The Princess Bride' saying that?!]
bend the leaves a bit.  
just 'nudge' them to make their shapes look more individual.

you know me, i love the whole 'pale neutral palette'.
but leaves can be made from any paper at all:
wrapping paper, comic books, old book illustrations, magazine pages...
be creative and if you love color, get some!

what else can you do with paper leaves?
*hang them on monofilament line from a chandelier or curtain rod
so they dance with every little breeze
*sew them into garlands and use to drape windows
*make a 'flower' out of them to adorn a wrapped package or a corsage
*sprinkle them all over a table centerpiece of fall fruits and veggies
and of course...
*use them to enhance a display of Sweet Sweater Pumpkins!