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Repurpose Test Tubes as Flower Vases

 junk project diy home decor spring flower vases from test tubes
the strangest things show up at thrift shops, and it really pays to keep an open mind....
because you just might find something that gets your creative chemistry going!

continue reading to see what i did with the glass test tubes i found!

when my eye spied an entire CASE of new glass test tubes at the thrift store,
they went into my cart in a hot second.
of course, i had no idea WHAT i was going to do with them at the time,
but at $3 for 150 of them, i wasn't going to pass them up!

a moment later, i turned onto the hardware aisle and spied a $1 box of vintage metal doodads.
they were actually 8" tall ground stakes, 
meant to hold large C-7 Christmas lights along the edge of flowerbeds.
i didn't much care what their original purpose was, 
because i saw them in combination with those glass tests tubes
and an idea was born: rustic test tube flower vases
i started with 3X3 blocks of scrap wood, and drilled a small 2" deep hole in the top of each.
then i inserted the metal stake, which held it securely upright.
the rounded top edge of the stake was the perfect diameter to hold a test tube,
and the rubber caps on the tubes kept them in position.

the wood blocks could also be made different heights, to add more dimension to a gathering of these on a tray.

or use one long block of wood with many stakes in it as a centerpiece for a long table.
filled with a bit of water, each vase perfectly displayed a single bloom...
elevating them to art. even a weed like Queen Anne's Lace looks positively regal!

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 junk project diy home decor spring flower vases from test tubes

 junk project diy home decor spring flower vases from test tubes

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  1. It pays to be open and see beyond just what you have. These are great. I see spring centerpieces. Beautiful.

    1. thank you, Miss BarbaraAnn! (do you know i sing a certain song every time i see that you've left a comment?? wink ) i see these as centerpieces, too - gathered on a galvanized tray or a large ironstone platter!

    2. I just love anyone who can think outside the box! Thanks.

    3. oh, girrrrrl.... i'm completely outside the box, the category, the ROOM, the HOUSE! LOL!!! thank you so much for visiting and leaving a comment, Miss Nancy!