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Have a Heart!

happy february, everyone!
five years ago, i shared a project here on the homewardFOUND blog
that began with a simple wood moss-filled garden planter.
 click here to see the planter-turned-door wreath post

i found another way to use that wood planter:
i decided to re-create the look of a floral heart using PAPER!
it was simple enough to cut petals and leaves and spirals out of old sheet music + school paper,
to fold and bend and twist them into shape, gluing them along the way,
and then to tuck them into the chicken-wire of the planter.

these flowers are so simple to make... just remember your kindergarten 'cut & paste' skills,
maybe even enlist some kids to help!

continue reading for more details...

a few blooms required a wooden skewer or a pushpin to hold them securely,
so i glued some pearls to the top of pushpins to make them look a bit nicer.
mine is created in all neutral tones, because that's my thing...
but this would be absolutely stunning in red, charming in pink,
and elegant in all white.

you could also make the flowers and then pin/glue them onto an actual round wreath form.
and remember, wreaths aren't just for hanging... use them as centerpieces, too!

shared online:

funky junk interiors | diy salvaged junk projects #413

what an honor! thank you for including this project as a featured post, Miss Donna! <3 


  1. My gosh, Deb. THAT is just adorable and I LOVE the colors and texture of it. You did a wonderful job and it is different than anything I have seen so far. Have a wonderful weekend. xo Diana

    1. thank you so much, Miss Diana! i've seen these done with silk flowers and faux succulents, of course, but you know me..... i gotta' put my own spin on it!!!

  2. Very cute! love the music pages!

    1. thank you, Miss Patty! i really am stuck on using old sheet music and book pages, aren't i?!!! i just don't think any new craft paper can match the patina and feel (okay, and SMELL!!!) of these beautiful old pieces. thank you so much for your comment <3