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Capture Spring in a Jar!

one of my most popular pins + posts is my 'beach in a jar' project
 but long before i ever came up with THAT one, i created another: 'SPRING in a jar'!
i'm not sure why i haven't shared them here on homewardFOUND before, but it's time to change that!

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it was yet another creation that 'just happened to happen' as i was playing with elements,
and i sold them by the DOZENS at vintage shows:
image from my RETREAT booth in 2010 (after i had sold most of them!)

for my treasure jars, i use pickle & olive jars found at the local thrift shop, 
then glue on clippings from vintage book pages and sheet music - 
focusing on words like 'spring' and 'march' and 'nest'.

then i insert one of my handmade NeSts (find my tutorial here) into the jar, 
add a small embellishment (a vintage flower, leaf, or real feather)
 and finish it off with some type of egg (wood or ceramic):

 the result is a sweet 3-D 'found object' collage accessory for your home! 
they look charming just sitting on a shelf or table, or gathered with other items on a tray,
but you can also put them to work - as bookends, perhaps?!

i have several 'Spring in a Jar's available for sale in the homewardFOUND shop,
located inside Needful Things Addiction in Lake Elsinore, CA.
the books pictured here are also for sale!

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  1. Oh goodness... I adore your 'spring nest globes!' What a fab way to bring a messy nest indoors! Not going to hesitate next time...

    I've featured you in this weekend's DIY Salvaged Junk Projects too! Thanks for linking up! :)

    1. oh goodness, Miss Donna, thank you!!! it's always fun to join your link parties and i am honored to get a nod from the queen! ;) i'm so glad you like these!