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welcome winter...

it's time to clear out the Christmas decor and freshen our rooms for time spent indoors...
let's cozy them up and make them inviting with stuff you probably already have!
let's greet the new year with a happy home and a happy heart

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for easy seasonal decorating using everyday finds...


  1. I hope we can all greet the new year with a happy heart. Beautiful!!! xo Diana

  2. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Deb! Sounds like there were some wonderful break-throughs and I'm hoping they continue in the New year.

    I'm not ready to let go of Christmas just yet, but I know you'll have some wonderful things to inspire me once I do!!!

    Happy New Year my friend! May 2013 be full of joy and sunshine!

  3. Oh my gosh! I was just thinking the same thing this afternoon. Ready to pack it up. Even though I love it so, I'm ready to move forward. A New Year and new beginnings. xoxo