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Happy Hula Days!

I know it's December, and cold almost everywhere...
but let's time-travel back to the sunny, warm days of June, shall we?

Remember the 'FREE Weekend Makeover' Project here
when I turned my parent's home into a tropical paradise using what they had already?
Mom loves it so much that she wasn't about to remove it all when fall and winter came...
but what do you do about CHRISTMAS with a tropical theme? On a BUDGET?
You turn Christmas into a beach party, that's what!

Stealing an ever-so-charming slogan from retailer Tommy Bahama,
around here, it's now HAPPY HULA DAYS!

take a look at what we did....

 This tall, thin pre-lit faux tree sits next to the fireplace and window,
and is decorated with very simple things we found around the house... and on the patio.
We let the existing color scheme of the room dictate our choices
[ white, aqua/turquoise blue, green, yellow and soft tan ]

The tree topper is a star - a starFISH! Perfect for the beachy theme.
Nestled behind it is a soft blue flower lei and a bright yellow hibiscus flower.

The ornaments on the tree include the gorgeous tassels shown here,
made from silky white yarn and glittered sea urchins.
Garlands are simply shell necklaces, draped across the branches.

You wanna' see 'everyday items' as tree decor? Here ya' go!
Paper drink umbrellas in yellow, green, and blue nestle into the branches next to lights.
The lovely plumeria bloom is actually a foam flower on a barrette - it clips right on!

There are also flat foam flowers in yellow, green, and blue that slide over the branches -
they're actually drink coasters/glass markers!

Actually, the only actual 'ornaments' on the tree are the vintage aqua balls!

The base of the tree is a metal plate, which has been wrapped in an aqua sarong and some fishnet.
Another light blue flower lei tucks into the netting, with some faux white flowers
An ivy plant sits behind it, just to keep the spindly trunk from looking lonely.

Just outside the window by the tree is a humorous last-minute touch....
The thatched 'hula skirt' umbrella on the back patio looked like a tree shape to me.
So I added lights, and moved it here so it's visible from the room.
At night, it glows a warm tan color and really does look like a tree!

[ psssst... Tommy Bahama has 'hula skirt' trees in their stores and catalog right now, too!]

Mom has never done a tree like this before... and she can't stop smiling at it!
Sometimes it just takes a little bit of summer to warm up your winter!


Pink Holiday

So, if you're a Shabby girl and have a pale pastel color scheme in your home,
how do you escape the abundance of red and green in the store decor aisles?
Get inspired by the elegant pink, white and gold color palette of this display...
and then head to vintage stores to go shopping! 

This GORGEOUS setting was a photo booth,
 set up at the recent Vintage Marketplace Show in Southern California.
[Props provided by 'Touched by Time' Vintage Rentals
Styling by Deborah Watts of 'Blossoms Vintage Chic' & Monique Hemminger]

I don't think too many words are necessary here...
just sit back and enjoy the beauty of vintage, second-hand, found, and heirloom items
combined into a stunningly feminine and glamorous Holiday decor scheme!

 [inserting a word or two here: the photo above is my favorite image from this series!]

The photos below were snapped in show hostess Rita Reade's booth, 'Mammabellarte':

... from big props and large visual effects to tiny details, 
incorporating your favorite hues into your Holiday decor is as simple as
letting your existing decor lead the way!

shared online:

OPC & TBH | The Humble Brag


Bird in a Gilded Cage!

Years ago, I had the pleasure of presenting Holiday decorating workshops
at 'Girlfriend's Weekend' events in a gorgeous lodge, located in the wine country near Seattle.
 At each annual event, I created several vignettes...

[okay, I must digress here for a moment...
as I was typing the word 'vignette', I typed 'Viognette'.
If you know wine, you are smiling right now!  
I may have just coined a phrase there....]

back to our story...
vignettes to illustrate inspiring Holiday decor ideas and themes.
This 'Bird in a Gilded Cage' theme was one of them.
Since Gold is once again a hot decor trend, this is a perfect opportunity to share it!
I began with the hydrangeas...
Found in my own yard, they had aged to soft green and tan hues.
When I popped them into a gold metal cachepot that I had on hand, the theme came together:

greens, tans & browns, copper, and gold
with natural elements from the garden
and the nest I had nearby inspired me to incorporate birds...

The tabletop elements above include:
*a ceramic sculpture that looks like wood with two birds - it holds the real nest and twigs.

*a gold damask stripe tablecloth and green embroidered placemats with a leaf motif.
*gold charger plates, paired with a white china plate and a transparent amber glass dessert plate. 
*A vintage bar glass has green and gold embellishment.
*gold flatware

continue reading for more details...


Inspiring Holiday Color Palettes

I'm ready for the Holiday Hullaballoo, how about you?!
Truth be told, though, I'm feeling a bit under the weather... SO,
I thought we'd follow the mission statement of HOMEWARDfound
and just work with what we already have by re-capping a few of last year's color posts: 

A few inspiring Holiday color palettes for you to consider

Tropical Color

I LOVE changing up my color schemes each year, combining ornaments in new ways
and mixing what I have to get a whole new look... How about you?
Do you experiment each year, or do you stick with the 'tried and true' favorites?!
What are your favorite colors for your Christmas Decor?


Vintage Pink & Silver Thanksgiving

 For my final inspiration Thanksgiving tablescape,
I'm really going in a different direction...

a Pink & Silver Thanksgiving Table!

I was inspired by my own PINK Sweet Sweater Pumpkins
and my mom's wedding china from the 1960's...
her china pattern has little pink rosebuds on gray stems with gray leaves.
In order to keep the whole look from going far too 'spring' in theme,
I introduced some deep silver/pewter 'winter' colors...
they serve to pull out the gray leaves in the patterns and highlight the silver plate rim.
The Centerpiece:
 I gathered up the family silver tea set,
three patterns of china, including an antique china pedestal,
along with my wire tomato cage dome and some antique chandelier crystals
to create a sparkling multi-level centerpiece for the table.
Some cuttings of passion vine and rosemary from the garden pair with pink petunias and roses.

Want to make your own wire dome from a two dollar tomato cage?! 
Click here for my tutorial!
 The Linens:
Over a pewter satin tablecloth, I laid a light-weight white crocheted lace tablecloth.
The contrast of the dark color underneath really makes the lace details pop.
Napkins are simple pewter satin.

The Rest:
The china shown here is a classic and feminine mid-century pattern,
with a silver plated rim, gray leaves, and pink rosebuds.
A secondary and complimentary pattern with larger roses and leaves
appears in the espresso cups & saucers,  and several of the serving pieces.

  Floral-motif antique silver flatware and cut crystal glassware brings sparkle to the neutral setting.
The napkin 'rings' are simple strands of vintage chandelier crystals,
wrapped around a rolled satin pewter napkins.
A variation has a small paper doily gathered with a pink vintage ribbon,
and a crystal ornament tied on.

I've placed a mini PINK Sweet Sweater Pumpkin at each place setting as a gift,
in a miniature espresso cup.
  It's an idea easily replicated with a real pumpkin, a chocolate pumpkin, or a candle.
Just a little token of thanks...