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repurposed wood crate entry decor

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decorating with succulents and cacti is a hot design trend right now...
these easy-care, high-impact plants are making appearances 
in mod boho bedrooms and rustic farmhouse dining rooms,
as well as on back decks & front porches everywhere.

last summer, i was inspired by a very creative display idea at a store, 
so i re-created a budget version of it in our front entry, using succulents.
i never shared this project in a blog post, so it's time to make up for that.
(plus, it ties in beautifully to a whole new series of posts i'm prepping for August!)

continue reading for the details


summer patio decor refresh

beach style, boho style, coastal style, color, decorating basics, diy decorating, entertaining, fast cheap and easy, furniture, makeover, on the porch, outdoors, room makeovers, summer, weekend makeover, patio decor, patio decor makeover
this patio decor project is a perfect example 
of my homewardFOUND decorating philosophy:
re-think what you already have to make your home look terrific!

we've reached the middle of the strangest summer on record,
and if you're like me, you've been home A LOT  - 
maybe the spaces you've spent a lot of time in might need a refresh right about now.
since we're all enjoying the nice weather outdoors these days,
why not give your patio, porch, or deck a quick makeover? FREE?!

continue reading to see two examples of VERY 'fast, cheap, & easy' makeovers
on two different outdoor living spaces...


up-cycled magazine page floral art

art, art class, boho style, color, crafting, DIY, dollar store crafts, garden art, gift wrapping, magazines, paper, paper crafts, re-purposing, spring, summer, trash to treasure, up-cycling, journals, notebook covers, journal art, mixed media art
you know how people always say 'let me sleep on it'?
that creative solutions come to them in their dreams?
yeah.... not me. my muses come at night and KEEP me from sleeping.

at the end of the day, i climb into bed, 
nestled up with a cup of tea and a good book to read - or my phone to scroll thru.
my goal is to slow my brain down, stop the flow of thoughts and ideas, so i can fall asleep.
and every once in a while, it actually works.
most of the time, though, i see something online or read a description in a book,
and my brain starts imagining wild creations and designs.
so i haul myself out of my comfy nest of a bed, run across the hall,
go into my studio, and scribble a quick sketch or jot a note to capture the idea
before it vanishes into the ether. 

i was today years old when i finally got SMART!
i decided that i need to have a small notepad and pen on my bedside table instead.
  a quick bit of mixed media art fun resulted - and now i've got a solution i can sleep with.

continue reading to see what inspired the design!


faux painted bamboo mirror

art, beach style, boho style, coastal style, DIY, diy decorating, faux finish, furniture, junk makeover, painting, summer, tiki style, tropical style, wall art, tropical decorating, faux bamboo, bamboo furniture, tiki style, faux painting
 when we moved into this house four years ago,
our decorating modus operandi was truly 'use what you have'...
more than 90% of the furniture we used came from my mom's old house
(1% came from mine - my grandpa's dresser and my farmhouse table!)
the mirror we have in our entry hall came from the guest room at the last house,
where it matched a dresser with a 'bleached oak' finish.

honestly, i love the mirror here...
it bounces light from the kitchen into an area that is lacking light.
but mercy, the original frame! i just haven't been sure about what to DO to it.
i contemplated a simple black satin stain or paint finish at one point,
but ruled it out as being too dark for this area of our home.

then two days ago, a brainstorm hit, and in just a few hours 
that mirror was made completely new using a faux paint treatment.

continue reading to see more details - including the 'before and after' shot... 


scrap wood tikis

art class, beach style, DIY, diy decorating, junk makeover, just for fun, neutrals, on the porch, outdoors, painting, re-purposing, salvaged, summer, tiki style, trash to treasure, wall art, tropical style, woodcrafts
last winter, i created a lot of tropical & tiki decor
as part of our fun 'Happy HULA-days' Christmas theme.

you've seen posts sharing most of it appearing in our current summertime decor,
bringing a tropical vibe to our home and yard for us to enjoy
during this 'staycation' that is lasting a whole lot longer than anyone anticipated.

one of my projects during quarantine has been the front entry of our home...
which isn't a porch but a 'vestibule' - and is really hard to decorate.
i came up with a simple solution using last December's holiday entry decor:

continue reading to see how i re-used my own tikis made from scrap wood!


diy galvanized birdbath

DIY, diy decorating, farmhouse, farmhouse style, garden, garden art, industrial, junk makeover, outdoors, re-purposing, rustic style, salvaged, summer, tomato cage crafts, up-cycling, trash to treasure, galvanized metal, birdbath
while songbirds love to come and splash in our backyard salvaged galvanized bucket fountain,
i noticed that the tiny wrens and hummingbirds who visit us don't go near it.
perhaps the bubbling water frightens them, or the buckets are too deep for their use...
it seemed to me that a birdbath was called for.

i went looking around the yard and garage to see what we had that i could use to build one,
and found two items that combined perfectly for this project.

continue reading to see how to make a simple and easy birdbath for your garden!