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welcome to day 22!

every year, the sweet-faced girl shown below
chooses an equally sweet theme for her 'Farm Chicks' antique show.
in 2011, she chose a candy theme - and i loved the graphic so much
that it was my inspiration for the little gift i made her
[just to say thank you for having me as a vendor]
i found some red and white cording at the fabric store, and used it to make two little lollipop pins.
i cut some words out of vintage sheet music and added them to the pins
['serena' was actually 'serenade' on the sheet music]
then i nestled them in a tiny box and embellished it with vintage trims.

this craft is so very simple, and makes a perfect accent on a gift tag, place card, 
or greeting card. here's how it looks on a manilla gift tag:

 and here's the easy 1-2-3-4 to make your own:
i used cotton baker's twine for the tags. a drop or two of glue is all it takes!
make 'em small for tags and larger for pins, like the ones i made for serena.
just cut out a circle as the backing for a pin, instead of using the whole tag.
 and yes, you can do a funny little dance with your lollipop if you want to ;0) 

 stay tuned for the next post in our daily countdown, coming up tomorrow
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  1. How do you sleep at night with all of you brilliant ideas running around in your head?
    You've done it again, and adorably so!!!

  2. The thing I love about your ideas is that even "I" could do them! Thanks!

  3. Those are about the cutest tags I've seen in a long time. So I gotta pin 'em.



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