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simple solutions: just use pumpkins

 there are a million ideas for fall decorating floating around the internet right now,
but sometimes the BEST ideas are the simplest ones:
simple like sitting a small sugar pumpkin on top of every post on your fenceline.

the photo above is not staged.
i came across it last fall while still living in Washington state.
[of course when i see something like this, i have to jump out of the car and take a picture!
i am not daunted, even by the homeowner who is unloading bags of garden mulch from his truck in the driveway - i ask politely if i may take a photo of the fence. 
 he stares at me. i ask again. he nods, speechless.
it's a response i am used to. and i happily snap a few photos]

[sugar pumpkins are the ones that are heaped into a huge cardboard bin in front of  every grocery store in the fall.  they usually cost about $1.50 each.]

driving on down the street, i came across this setting - again, not staged:
i swear i did not touch those pumpkins - that is exactly how they were positioned when i drove by!

perhaps the homeowner placed them ever-so-precisely. 
perhaps the smallest pumpkin rolled off of the top step, down into that oh-so-perfect location.
then again, maybe they were plonked down there to be arranged later....

is this neighborhood inhabited by a bunch of photo stylists, i wonder? 
when you look at those elements, you can see how simple it is:
a container of grass and three pumpkins in two colors/two sizes.

the differences in size and color of the pumpkins keeps it interesting
the orange-y tone in the grass coordinates with the orangest pumpkin color
and all of it sitting on a gray background just makes the colors POP
[gray is a shade of blue - blue and orange are opposites - remember my last post?]
and honestly, the placement of them could not be more perfect.

oh, wait, it gets BETTER! just look at the house that those pumpkins were in front of:
the woman who lives here must have seven short roomates....


  1. So pretty...great photography Deb! I especially like the last comment!
    I'm itching to decorate for fall...silly work is getting in my way! And I need to have the mother of all garage sales next week, so that is another deterrent in my fall plans!
    Soon, very soon!

  2. What wonderful photos! I love them all. I so wish you lived closer...I would try to bribe you to come over and have your way with my house!

  3. I love the pumpkins on the posts. I'm going to be copying that idea. Thanks.

  4. Great idea! Love these on the posts!

  5. Dear Blog Sister, I love your stylish ways too! Just stopping by to say "hello"!
    Great blog! :)
    Self-Appointed Queen of the Blog Sisters! (well, that may be a bit much...)

  6. Simple yet beautiful. Like that you do not have to spend so much money to decorate.