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Gilt Complex?

Metallics are a hot trend this Holiday season,
showing up in magazines, television decorating specials, and ads. 
 From copper and bronze to silver and crystal (which is sort of a metallic finish), they're everywhere

But the big deal this year is Gold!
It's the colour du jour in fashion and decor, adding warmth as well as sparkle to the season.
Over the years, I've included gold in the products I have made and sold, 
so I've pulled some images of those to inspire you as you decorate for Thanksgiving
and the coming winter Holidays.

It's simple to add a golden touch to your decor:
* try using metal photo frames and candlesticks [found at the thrift shop] on your mantel,  
as ornaments on the tree, and place setting markers at the table.
* adding a quick spray of glistening paint on a small piece of accent furniture or lamp
can give new life to an old, dated item
[check out some pics of stylish gold accessories from Michael at Inspired by Charm!]
* include your grandmother's costume jewelry on your tree and wreaths, 
as an embellishment on napkin rings and candles (rings slip right over tapers!)
* place a large gold crown on top of topiaries, or your Christmas tree, instead of a star!
* use a gold crown-like light fixture as a cloche or dome, over a nest
As I shared in my last post, it's entirely possible to transition between your Fall and Holiday decor
by choosing elements that work with your decor to 'bridge' the seasons.
The hand painted ornaments with autumn leaves on them shown in these images 
are a perfect example...
tucked into tiny nests made from day lily foliage, they add a natural touch
to Thanksgiving AND Christmas!

You can extend the gilt-y pleasures into your gift packaging, as well...
here, a handmade crown with vintage embellishment is tucked into a vintage gold embossed cookie tin,
also embellished with even more vintage trims!
[I think they call that 'Gilding the Lily' ...]

This weekend I am at the Remnants of the Past Antique Show
in San Luis Obispo, California,
helping my friend Adrienne with her booth design, setup, and displays...
I was a vendor at this show for several years, though, [with Retreat, our former business]
and one year, my booth featured a LOT of GOLD!

My booth was photographed by Jenny Malott, official Remnants photographer,
and later, some of her images were published in a story about the show:
Many thanks to photographer Jenny Malot for the gorgeous images
published in Where Women Create Magazine, Spring, 2012.
As you can see, it's not always a BAD thing to have a Gilt Complex!


  1. I think you really need to get back into showing, Deb. You have such a huge fan base, you would do so wonderfully well. You need to share your talents!

    1. You are very kind, Miss Amber.

      While I love shows and being a vendor at them, I just do not have the space or the finances to buy/create product for booth displays like that any more. It was hard and all-consuming when I ran the business with my former husband - there's just no way I can do all that alone ;) I'm still trying to find my way....

  2. Lol, it's obvious I live in farm country. I couldn't figure out why you'd have a complex about a pig! (Gilt = young female pig)

    Kathi @ oakhillhomestead.com

    1. LOL! I had NO idea, Kathi! Thank you for educating me - and I hope you found this to be self-explanatory once you read it! ;)