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Back to the Basics...

I sit down to write this post, and my head hangs in shame.
Because as I look at the list of recently-published blog posts here,
I see Christmas content..... and it's not even Thanksgiving yet.

the ONE holiday a year that isn't about buying gifts
and creating 'wish lists' of what we WANT,
but about spending time with family and friends
and being grateful for what we DO have.

And I basically skipped over it completely here at HOMEWARDfound.

I'm sorry. Really, I am.
Honestly, I planned to hold the Christmas posts for a while longer..

but then I got caught up in the subtle, subversive competition going on
all over blogdom and facebook and Hometalk and Blogtalk
of who can get the Christmas posts up first/faster/most/best.,
and who can pin more photos on Pinterest,
and who can be thought of as a creative leader
and get published and recognized.

That's not why I blog, or design, or share.
I do it to GIVE. To INSPIRE. 
To give you something meaningful. and fun. and do-able.

I need to get back on track here... and I hope you'll stick around
if I'm not racing with 'the celebloggers' for more clicks and more likes.

Because it rips away my passion and my soul when I do that... when I compete.
When I worry about what other people are doing/creating.
When I start focusing on what I could do 'if only' -
instead of focusing on what I CAN do, here and now, with what I have been given.

That's my goal.
For ME, and for you...

and I am going back to that goal that I began this blog with over a year ago.

Now, I want to share just one more thing about Christmas for a week or so:

Writer Ann Voskamp wrote the most beautiful, meaningful, touching post on her blog
about how she's flipping CHRISTmas upside down.

It's brilliant,
and it reflects my heart right now.

I think if you read it, you, too, might see 
how distracted and misled we become this time of year
by looking in the wrong direction.

Now, don't misunderstand me...
Decorating our homes isn't wrong.
It's one way we tell the people we love that they are special to us
- worth the effort to make home and Holiday special, too.

It's a way to use our creative gifts to honor the first gifts given on the first Christmas.

It's just all about keeping the right perspective on what we do and WHY we do it...

Read Ann's blog post here
and now, back to Thanksgiving ;)
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  1. Thanks for the reminder Deb...It's so easy to get caught up in the Christmas rush and not enjoy everything Thanksgiving is all about.

    1. Patty, it certainly is... thank you so much for your comment!

  2. yes! agreed! I'm so fond of the fall season and Thanksgiving... sure dislike the rush to get to Christmas.

    1. Shari, thank you so much for your comment. I, too, love fall ;)

  3. We're all so quick to criticize the stores for rushing and yet who's to blame? Us.
    I decided back in the spring, I will enjoy my time...one season at a time. So far, so good.
    Keep your fingers crossed I can hold out.
    Great and well thought out post.

    1. I SO agree!
      I've spent my entire working life in retail, and I am sick to death of the 'push' of seasons.... but even I get sucked into it. :( Thank you so much for your comment!

  4. Thanks for the thoughtful post.