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Vintage White Thanksgiving

Today I'm offering a very feminine variation on the tablescape from my last post.
 With a simple change of a few elements, we can create a whole new look,
and the previous 'contemporary vintage' look goes completely 'Shabby Chic'
[with a nod to Her Madge of Shabbiness, Queen Rachel Ashwell]

Here's how I pulled together this tablescape:
 The Centerpiece:
I kept the tallest Sweet Sweater Pumpkin sculpture in pale neutral tones and the pale leaves.
I added in cut crystal bowls and ivory & white pumpkins,
along with some vintage fabric carnations.... you could use real ones, of course.
I love white carnations for their spicy scent and low price!

The Linens:
Over the tan linen tablecloth, I laid a light-weight white crocheted lace tablecloth.
The contrast of the tan really makes the lace details pop.
Napkins are vintage white cotton, with lace trim.

The Rest:
White ceramic dinnerware in a classic pattern that truly works with any decor style,
while gold flatware and cut crystal glassware brings sparkle to the neutral setting.
The white floral pattern on the clear candle holders coordinates with the theme, too.
  It's a simple combination that looks old, luxe, and feminine.
[Grandma will LOVE this one! ]

The napkin 'rings' are the same as in the last tablescape, serving as place cards as well.
They are a strip of glossy paper with a sticker, and bleached leaves tucked into the top.
This time the napkins are gathered softly, instead of a crisp fold...
I've placed a mini Sweet Sweater Pumpkin at each placesetting as a gift,
which is an idea easily replicated with a real pumpkin, a chocolate pumpkin, or a candle.
Just a little token of thanks...
Again, this didn't take a lot of time to put together!
A beautiful Holiday table is easy when you use what you have in a fresh, new way...

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