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Let It Sweet Sweater Snow, Man!

All this week, I've been creating a snowstorm of sweaters and fluff and glitter
making lots and lots and lots of my Brand New 'Sweet Sweater Snowmen' originals!

Here are a few of the very special little guys (and girls) that sprang from my imagination:
 sweet little 'snowcake' ornaments!
some very cheerful and LARGE Sweet Sweater Snowmen sculptures!
.... and then, there are the ones that I predict will be the biggest hit of all:
 these adorable Snowbabies! [pacifier included!]

I also have four kinds of Snowmen & Women,
cute little 'Cup O' Snow' people - made in white milk glass punch cups
and little JUNK Snowmen, made in tiny tin canisters... 
another copyright protected original creation from Debi Ward Kennedy | homewardFOUND decor


  1. These are absolutely ADORABLE!!!!!!

  2. These are flipping adorable Deb. I love them. Every one of them!

  3. Deb, These little Cuties are all Fantastic!! I hope you will be taking Orders after the Show!!

    Huggs, Nancy

  4. Hi Deb! I am sitting here laughing with joy over the absolute cuteness of these snow people, especially one of the white sculpture ones and the babies with lid hats! These are so creative and full of personality, just like all of your work! Wish I could be at the show! Have a great weekend! Hugs, Leena