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Black, White & Tan Thanksgiving Table

 I love mixing up the elements I have on hand to create a whole new look.
When it comes to tablescapes, it's kind of fun to do the unexpected...
like mixing the crisp contemporary color scheme of black, white and tan
with some softer, earthy vintage and natural elements.

Here's how I pulled together this look:
 The centerpiece:I used several of my original Sweet Sweater Pumpkins...
two are mounted on pedestals (a terra cotta urn and a black column), 
one is perched inside a black flocked velvet shadowbox frame on the wall,
and two more nestle with real leaves on a ceramic platter - that has leaves in its subtle pattern.
Now, even if you didn't get any of my pumpkins,
you can certainly do this with other elements - 
REAL pumpkins, pine cones, wood rounds, or any material from nature.

The Linens:
The white platter sits on a thick felt leaf cutout,
which tops a linen tablecloth in a light tan color to further the theme and color scheme.
The napkins are a crisp black satin for a sleek touch.

The Rest:
Black and white ceramic dinnerware - the black very contemporary and the white rather classic -
combine perfectly for high-contrast style.
Sleek clear glassware - vintage and new - along with gold flatware are simple ways to add sparkle.
The highball glasses are family heirlooms, the goblets are from a discount store - 
it's not about pedigree or price here, but style. They mix perfectly.

The napkin is bound by a strip of glossy paper with a nametag sticker and a dried leaf tucked in - 
serving as both napkin 'ring' and placecard.

The napkin can be placed in the soup/salad bowl
or beside the plate.
If you prefer a more streamlined, modern look,
replace the frame, pumpkins and leaves with simple white gourds & pumpkins
on more white platters.

This all came together in just an hour.... without pre-planning.
I looked around and saw what I had here in the house, and came up with the color scheme.

Pulling together a delightful table for your guests 
doesn't have to break the bank OR cost you a lot of time.
I hope this will inspire you to dig through your cabinets and see what you have in there!
 My next post will show you a variation on this look
with a much more feminine vintage style...
Shabby Chic fans, you're going to love it!

1 comment:

  1. Deb- I love it! It is not traditional but it is VERY classy looking. I think it looks like fine dining in an upscale bistro. What fun to pull it together like that. Hope you have a wonderful Thursday- xo Diana