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cozy yarn winter flowers

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it's still winter, and i'm staying warm in my studio
while working on some new spring decor projects for future posts...
but in the meantime,
i'd love to share one last winter project to finish off February!

i'm calling these 'yarn flowers', made by combining winter elements
with a few stems of faux flowers to create this fun bouquet. 
(and yes, my new favorite loopy white yarn IS in there!)
it's an easy, creative way to add some whimsy to these cold days...

continue reading to see the details...


boho chic: embellished hats

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i know, i know... a fashion accessory isn't exactly within my purview here at homewardFOUND.
but if you hang it on a wall or a door, it's decor. wink.

i recently dolled up one of my straw hats to wear to a party at the beach,
and it was so easy and so much fun that i decided to share it here on the blog.
i have a feeling you'll be inspired to make your own -
for your head, or as a perfect summer home accent!

continue reading to see how easy it is to embellish a straw hat for summer...


Valentine's Day Projects + Tutorials

hearts flowers jewelry and more valentines day inspiration using what you already have at home homewardFOUND decor
looking for some 'fast, cheap, & easy' TM ideas + inspiration
for making Valentine's Day gifts + decor using what you already have?

you'll find tutorials and photos for my TOP TEN best-selling and most popular original projects
- plus two inspiring valentine party themes - in the homewardFOUND blog archives
i've pulled the links all together here to make it easy for you ;)

have fun makin'! 

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funky junk interiors | diy salvaged junk projects #414


Tutorial: Faux Spring Blossoms

make your own faux spring flowers from paper with this tutorial from homewardFOUNDdecor.com
i don't know what kind of weather you are dealing with, my friends, 
but it's so hot here in SoCal that Mother Nature is reeeeeeeally confused...
the question seems to be 'to bloom or not to bloom' 
because it's not quite clear whether it's late winter, early spring, or full-blown summer.
(Olaf the snowman would love it here right now!)
in other areas, some of you poor souls are dealing with BELOW ZERO temps!

for those of us who are looking for some evidence of spring, i have a trick to share:
forget nature. make your OWN spring blossoms!!!

continue reading for my easy tutorial...


Have a Heart!

happy february, everyone!
five years ago, i shared a project here on the homewardFOUND blog
that began with a simple wood moss-filled garden planter.
 click here to see the planter-turned-door wreath post

i found another way to use that wood planter:
i decided to re-create the look of a floral heart using PAPER!
it was simple enough to cut petals and leaves and spirals out of old sheet music + school paper,
to fold and bend and twist them into shape, gluing them along the way,
and then to tuck them into the chicken-wire of the planter.

these flowers are so simple to make... just remember your kindergarten 'cut & paste' skills,
maybe even enlist some kids to help!

continue reading for more details...


Bowl 'Em Over!

today i'm sharing a crazy repurposed decor idea
that will really SCORE:
use a bowling ball as a flower vase!
* start with a spiffy bowling ball, like the HOT PINK one shown above
or spray paint one in any color you want!
clean it up with windex, and then rub just a drop of olive oil into it
so it shines!

* sit the ball on top of a vase, urn, planter, or other object that will hold it in place
[you really don't want a heavy bowling ball 
to roll off of your table]
either use a heavy base, or fill it with sand or stones to weight it.

* make sure that the three fingerholes on the ball are facing upward.
place three plastic floral tubes down into the three holes
and add water - fill them about halfway
then insert your cut flower stems...
 flowers from the grocery store or the roadside are PERFECT for this -
we're not talking long-stemmed red roses for this look!

* you could also insert long taper candles into the floral tubes without water,
making the bowling ball a candleholder instead!

and that's all there is to it:
a fun, fast, inexpensive centerpiece or accent
that will literally BOWL THEM OVER!

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(2021) funky junk interiors | diy salvaged junk projects #563