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When In Doubt, Paint It!

galvanized, paint treatments, krylon spray paint, hammered finish paint, painting, decor makeover, farmhouse, rustic, industrial, home decor, flower vase
when in doubt, paint it! that mantra has served me well for most of my life.
when something doesn't *quite* fit the plan or the design scheme,
paint sweeps in to save the day - and MONEY!
this project is a perfect example of how a quick change of color can make all the difference
between the dreaded 'keep or toss' decision.

continue reading to see how paint transformed and saved a leftover...


May Day 'Posie Pails'

tutorial, crafts, junk, junk makeovers, garden crafts, repurposed, upcycled, diy, diy crafts, May Day, flowers, nosegays, use what you have decor. home decor, spring
here's a simple tutorial for a May Day flower holder - from a tin can!
it's time to go back to the days when we left flowers on our neighbors' doorknobs
on May Day, don't you think?

this project, my friends, is a real 'blast from the past'...
not only did i paint hundreds and hundreds of my tin can pails for years,
but i also created this idea using seed packets as artwork for a simple DIY version...
and shared it here on homewardFOUND waaaaaaay back in 2013! yes, FIVE years ago!

...continue reading for my easy tutorial to make what i am now calling 'Posie Pails'!


Wrap a Vase in Lace for Mom!

flowers, vases, thrifted, dollar store, repurposed, upcycled, lace, lace tablecloths, lace doilies, vintage, flowers for Mom, Mothers Day, crafting, dollar store craft supplies
Dollar Store Crafts. we ALL do it! hey, if i can find cheap supplies for home decor, i'll use 'em.
the thing is, decor doesn't have to LOOK cheap... 
adding a simple flourish to an inexpensive element raises your decor from 'basic' to EXTRA.

case in point - these simple clear glass vases from the Dollar Tree. 
paired with a lace doily or section of a lace tablecloth, they look positively elegant for spring!

continue reading for more details...


a Tale of Two Tables...

tables, furniture, salvaged, junking, junk, reclaimed, wood, paint, signs, wall art, found objects, nature art, handpainted, handlettered, wood signs
 what do you do with a broken table?  i hang the tabletops on walls!

i came across a pair of oval end tables at a garage sale - and both had broken legs.
thing was, i loved the scalloped shape of them and the ogee edges, so i bought them -
and then took 'em home and removed all of the legs and the aprons.
now simply a flat surface, they were perfect for transforming into wall art...

one of them, shown above, got a few coats of eggshell white paint, a quick sanding, 
and a large picture hanger attached to the back to hang vertically - 
ready for whatever came next.

continue reading to find out what came next!


Rustic Signpost from Scrap Wood

rustic decor, farmhouse decor, country decor, rustic wood, handlettered, lettering, signs, backyard DIY, diy home decor
one of the projects i undertook this weekend was a refresh of something i created a year ago...
and those two lower boards shown above are the reason why.

this was inspired by fun directional signs in Cars Land at Disney California Adventure,
and i used scraps of wood left over from my Dad's workshop to create it. 
(there's a photo of the entire structure later in the post)
i needed a few more pieces of wood to add two new locations,
and i discovered a SUPER cheap supply secret at my local diy store!

continue reading to find out where you can find cheap wood for rustic signs...


diy Vintage Lamp Makeover - in 1 Step!

lamps, lighting, vintage lamps, paint, painting, one step painting, diy, diy home decor, decorating
paint is by far my favorite decorating tool...
it's inexpensive (sometimes FREE). it's easy to find. it's not hard to store.
and the possibilities of what it can DO are astounding!

sometimes a paint project requires additional elements and many steps
(like the faux concrete treatment i've shared - and the faux rust treatment that i HAVEN'T shared)
but sometimes, it's one step easy-peasy. that was this project... 
and just WAIT until you see the 'before'!!!

continue reading for the Before & After - AND my secret for a perfect gloss finish...


Tablecloth as Patio Umbrella Cover!

spring, summer, patio, garden, outdoors, outdoor decor, home decor, upcycle, repurpose, diy, diy home decor
last week, i showed you what i did with a glass round 'tabletop'
 that used to sit on top of the tablecloth on one of my Mom's pressboard 'accent tables'.
tables that i threw OUT when we moved. because... well... i really don't have to tell you WHY, right?! 

today, i'm going to show you what i did with a tablecloth that she used to have on that table!
continue reading to see how it moved up in the world...


Mirror, Mirror... Not at All!

upcycle, repurpose, furniture, vintage, antique, junking, junk, makeover, home decor, farmhouse, rustic, industrial, country, DIY
a number of years ago, i found this mirror frame in a thrift store...
it had been separated from the dresser it belonged to, and the mirror glass was missing,
so it was basically just an empty frame. a beautiful empty frame!
i couldn't pass up the $2 price tag, so i took it home...
and with a few easy steps and one super-cheap secret, it became what you see here:
a lovely framed bulletin board!

i made and sold that bulletin board as shown above, without a dresser.
to give you an idea of what it would look like if you did this to a mirror frame WITH a dresser:
upcycle, repurpose, furniture, vintage, antique, junking, junk, makeover, home decor, farmhouse, rustic, industrial, country, DIYupcycle, repurpose, furniture, vintage, antique, junking, junk, makeover, home decor, farmhouse, rustic, industrial, country, DIY
DISCLAIMER: these are not my dressers. these are not my photos, either - they were on a defunct sales site.
i've edited them to add
a burlap-covered bulletin board to the mirror frames to illustrate my idea.

ok, wanna' know my secret?
i use large acoustic ceiling tiles and cardboard boxes!

* they are inexpensive, and they work behind any fabric OR can be painted.
* they are lightweight and easy to work with - just cut with an electric knife!
* they come in large rectangular sizes, so they'll fit just about any frame -
a dresser mirror, like this, or a door with a window opening, or a window frame.
and get some tips for making your own version of this project!

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