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Deb's Glass Globe Pumpkins

In fall, 2011, I was playing with some 'junk' that I had around the house. 
these white glass LIGHT COVER GLOBES
(you know, the old 'porch and hall light' kind?)
presented themselves as a great material to be turned into something else.
I washed them, and was turning them over in my hands as I dried them when I thought,
'I could put a battery operated votive candle inside....'
and suddenly they weren't light globes anymore. they became Glass Globe PUMPKINS! 

you may have seen my photos of these on Pinterest,
because I shared them on my (old) Hummadeedledee blog after making them
and then here on HOMEWARDfound in 2012.... and they sorta' went crazy online ;0)
these are SO simple to make for your own fall decor - they are one of my original 'Fast, Cheap & Easy' TM ideas!

all you have to do is find some white glass globes.
try to find different sizes and textures: hobnail, ribbed, smooth, crackled,
or, if you are lucky, a scalloped one like i found  [they generally cost under $5 each at thrift shops]

new ones can be found at places like Home Depot, Lowes, and Ace Hardware stores...
but please do not steal them from your neighbors' porch lights!!!
carefully wash the globes in soapy water, and let them dry.
then add a 'stem' on the end of the globe that has a small hole (or no hole). 
the end of the globe with the large opening will be the base that it sits on.

here's how I created the stems shown in my images here:
 1. twist a bit of aluminum foil into a 'stem' shape - long or short, up to you.
push one end of the foil stem into the small hole at the top of a glass globe.
starting at the base of the stem (nearest the glass globe), 
wrap cotton string, hemp twine, yarn, ribbon, fabric strips, 
or any other material around the foil to hide it. 
use hot glue to adhere the material to the foil stem as you work from base to tip.
then bend the stem into a pleasing curve, and you're done!

2. hot glue a wooden thread spool to the top of a glass globe without a small hole.
wrap some string, twine, burlap, muslin, or ribbon remnant around it and tie a knot.
you can display these pumpkins indoors or out!
by adding a strand of mini-lights, a battery-operated votive candle,  or a glow stick inside the large opening,
they will light up a room or porch with a soft glow. please do not use a flame to illuminate them.
My Pumpkin Story....
I've been collecting pumpkins my whole life, and I love to decorate with them in fall.
my grandpa used to call me, his first-born red-headed granddaughter, his 'Little Pumpkin Eater'.
his nickname for me started a collection that my mom and I have been adding to for decades.
that's what seasonal decorating is to me: meaningful.

every time I come up with a new pumpkin creation of my own to add, I smile
and imagine how grandpa would smile if he could see them.
I hope these make you smile, too!

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  1. You are so talented, Deb!
    I'm starting to think that there is really nothing you cannot do!


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  5. What great and fabulous ideas...can't wait to try this!

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    Saw you at Jennifer's Creative Friday
    Debbie :)

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  11. Thank you all so much, girls, for finding me and following links to my new blog! I hope to keep inspiring you ;0)

  12. Oh my, this could turn out to be a global phenomenon! I'm retrieving some 1970's globes out of the barn and thinking of stem ideas! Such a creative thinker you are, thank you for sharing! So glad I found your blog! You can come visit our little country life anytime you please!!

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    Ashley @ 3littlegreenwoods

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