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a black & white winter garden

these are my own images, 
capturing the beauty of winter in my gardens
at two of my previous homes in Washington state.

displaying black and white scenic photography 
is another way to introduce a dash of black in your rooms
and a perfect way to make seasonal changes easy...

btw, this is my 100th post since launching HOMEWARDfound in August!
thank you all so much for your support and interest in my original content

stay tuned, because TOMORROW
we begin the 30 Day Valentine countdown! 


  1. So peaceful and beautiful. Glad I'm snuggled up with a coffee/chai tea in my fuzzy sock monkey pajamas! ;)

  2. Amber, you had me at 'Fuzzy Sock Monkey Pajamas' :0)

  3. The winter scenes are beautiful in black and white.

  4. How absolutely beautiful each and every image is. Love them- xo Diana

  5. The 30 day valentine countdown sounds great!

  6. Beautiful, serene, love all the snow, and black and white....... amazing. Thanks for sharing.